Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dr Ben needs to practice his bull-twaddle

I don't think that Dr Ben McNeil was armed for his battle with Lord Christopher Monckton.

McNeil is not very good at expressing himself and stating facts and figures.

And someone should shove a gag in Koch's gob.

I'm seeing the obvious bias from Channel 7 on the site with these gems put up as the "Latest climate change facts"
  • The Bureau of meteorology says last year (2009) was Australia’s second warmest year on record* And 2009 ends Australia’s warmest decade on record
  • BOM says each decade in Australia since the 1940s has been warmer than the preceding decade
  • 2009 was also the globe’s fifth warmest year on record. And 2009 ended the world’s warmest decade on record
  • BOM says the increase in global temperatures are consistent with other independent indicators of climate change like reductions in sea-ice and snow cover, and record high global sea levels


オテモヤン said...
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kae said...

Spam slammed.

Mehaul said...

Pity McNeil had to resort to 'I'm a hard working scientist and you're not'. Pity it made him look so sad and forlorn for the rest of the interview. Monckton will have a lot of fun here in Australia.

Carpe Jugulum said...

McNeil came across (IMHO) as more the schoolboy than a man of letters, he went for the argument from authority immediatley (i'm a scientist so STFU) to the motherhood & scare line.

This has become quite tiresome as i don't like being talked down to and i espescially dislike being told my point of view is invalid.

I thought Monkton came across well, if a bit 'wordy'.

Richard Sharpe said...

I went to school with Ben McNeil. It's odd that two people with the same initial educational background could hold such divergent views.

Ben looked like he was trying to be calm and collected, but didn't pull it off. He also tried to pass himself off as well versed in the etiquette of addressing a member of the peerage (despite Monckton's request otherwise) and failed at that as well.

I squirmed through that video, because I know Ben and was embarrassed for him.