Monday, January 25, 2010

Flies! Help?

I have a problem with flies in the house at the moment. The only place they can be getting in is a small tear in the dining room window flyscreen. It's only about 1.5inches by .5 of an inch, but I think they're telling all their buddies about it!

I tore it last year when I opened the window on a really hot day after not having it open for almost a year and I didn't realise that there was some rolled up fencing wire which had fallen against the screen and the glass.

After I tore it I asked a friend if they could send me some fishing line to repair it. My friend has forgotten. Has anyone out there with my snail mail address got a piece of fishing line they can send me? It needs to be about two feet long, just in case! And fairly fine... The screen is perfect except for this rotten L shaped tear. (It is the same screen wire which came with the house 16 years ago!)

Thanks everyone.

Bloody flies!

Genius! In the mean time, while I sort out some fishing line (ever tried to source stainless steel screws/bolts inland? That's another story, but a similar dilemma.), I just swapped the screen with the store room window's which is the same size... yeehar!


kc said...

Sorry, Kae, I don't have your snail mail! Got one other place to look, though, so hang tough.

The Wizard of WOZ said...

It works. Its very satisfying.


The Wizard of WOZ said...

P.S. If you dont connect the string, the range becomes the far side of the room. Depending upon your approximation of and Tennessee Elevation, one can produce some incredible results. Some day when I'm sober ask me about the half house brick...

kc said...

Nope, sorry, Kae, no snailmail address. Guess you'll have to count on someone a bit more local than I - or give that fly-gun thingy a try - and then post pictures!

missred said...

if you put my daughter up while she is travelling in oz, i will eat them for you - i have a good recipe for chocolate coating
only kidding

kae said...

My ex loved chocolate, I'm sure he'd have eaten choc-coated flies.
When's Daughter travelling to the antipodes?

Boy on a bike said...

I have two fly traps from Bunnings in the back yard. We can leave the doors and windows open most of the time without bothering about flyscreens as all the flies are in the traps. Great investment.

kae said...

I have a fly trap around here somewhere... but the shed is a bit over a metre from the house and the window looks at the side of the shed... and the fly traps stink... I think I'll try to find some fishing line and sew up the flyscreen.
I had a fly trap down near the dogyard when the neighbour had cattle, there was a fly which came with the cattle and chewed the dog's ears. The fly trap seemed to stop the dogs from being chewed.
I'd shut the window but the temp has been 37 today and around 35-36 for the past week or more, and tomorrow it's supposed to be 39... and the nights aren't getting below 20. Rain is forecast next week - I hope we get it!

Pedro the Ignorant said...

+1 on the flygun recommended by WOZ. Heaps of fun and you are doing the world a favour.
Quick temporary fix on the flyscreen; cut a square of duct or masking tape, one for the outside one for the inside and press together. Should hold for a few days until you get a proper fix. Also, strong cotton thread can be used to sew up a small gap in the screen. Another one, do nothing just spray the area round the gap with Aerogard,

I lived in the WA goldfields for many years. Me and flies have a never ending vendetta.