Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Lamb, Sam Kekovich Australia Day 26 January 2010

Sam Kekovich is taking Lamb to the UN!

(Sorry, can't find the video yet.)


Carpe Jugulum said...

I saw the ad on tele when i got in from work, it is a p1sser, quite well done in that ubiquitous Kekovich style.

Oh well only 11 months until holidays.

PS how did the job application go?????

kae said...

Don't tell Sam, I'm making salmon patties for tea, and probably for lunch tomorrow, too.

I haven't heard anything yet, wouldn't be surprised if I hear nothing. Might still be early days yet, only Monday nite and all. Work for a few hours tomorrow AM, stuff that can't wait until I get back, but means I get leave off in lieu, handy for hospital in Feb.

Did you see the walrus thingy comparing the captain of the SM with the guards etc on the Burma railway? Sheesh.