Monday, January 11, 2010

Sarah Palin on Oprah now

Well, if you're in Qld.

So much for the mowing - but the sun is high and I'm fair... I'll mow out the front after 2pm.

I'm bad.


Skeeter said...

Can't imagine Sarah getting a fair hearing on that show.
How did she go?

kae said...

I think she handled it well, any ambushes were headed off at the pass, although there was an awkward moment when Sarah tried to give O a hug and O deflected it to a hand-clasp/one-armed hug.

At the end of the program she said that Oprah had assisted her when she was a stay at home mom in the 90s to see that she give whatever she wanted to do a try, and Sarah thanked Oprah for her inspiration. (I think Oprah was taken aback.)

She handled the inqu, er, questions about her grandbaby's daddy very well, too.