Sunday, February 28, 2010

Insiders 28/2/10

Because I'm an hour behind there's little point blogging about this when Andrew Bolt (and maybe Tim Blair), are blogging about today's special program with Rudd as the guest.

Memo to Tony Abbott

Please, refrain from using the expression "sexing (whatever) up".

Best wishes

Lenore Taylor

Gerard Henderson

Malcolm Farr

Sorry. I'm going for coffee with my friend. Then I'll come home and see about whippersnippering if it isn't raining.

Bloody snakes.

Rudd's just finished and I'm sure he's still full of shit.

OMG! Talking pictures is ripping into Rudd (and Garrett). Alan Moir is the cartoonist.


Egg said...

"OMG! Talking pictures is ripping into Rudd (and Garrett)."

The worm has turned, the new gubmint's meeja honeymoon period is over...

Carpe Jugulum said...

Kevni still an obfuscating, mendatious little turd.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

The Waxgoblin looked a little peeved at Barry Cassidy.

The blather about double dissolution on the ETS was illuminating.
I'd bet a motza that he won't have the guts to go to the polls on the ETS. My money is on him doing some backdoor (financial) deal with the Greens to try and slide an ETS through the Senate. Would fit in with the panel's description of of a ". . . scheming and cunning politician".

WV; "audirk" -Aussie stab in the back?

Skeeter said...

Yeah, Pedro. It seems only yesterday that, under Turnbull, the opposition were trembling nancies at the thought of a double dissolution. Now there are macho cries of 'Make my day!'
I reckon Barrie Cassidy did a very professional job of the interview. He asked good probing questions and followed up well when Mr Rudd did his usual weaselling — all done without rudeness or aggression.
The question about the female PhD was obviously without notice. I detected some inner seething behind the bland round face.
There was a clip on the news tonight showing a lonely table bearing a folder of Mr Rudd's briefing notes. He left the studio in such a hurry he forgot to take his notes home with him.
I wonder if studio crew had a brief look through them before returning them to the owner.

kae said...

"Inner seething behind the bland, round face."

How many times can one be hoist on one's own petard?

Anyway, has anyone else noticed how carefully he holds his mouth to enunciate certain words?

"You know what...."

"Can I say..."