Saturday, February 6, 2010

Insiders 7/2/10

Don't forget. I'll try not to.

Andrew Bolt is on so maybe they'll let him speak - I suspect it will be a retrospective of the Victorian fires last year.

Wonder if they'll mention climate change?

Wonder if they'll mention the non-performance of KRudd?

Okay, they covered that.

Now it's:

Taylor - Clive Palmer and his squillion dollar coal deal with China, and Anna Blight was seen crawlingup his....

Mischa - oh! Kevin caught out in another lie about Belinda Neal's anger management... Bolt - gee! What a surprise, Kevin lied!

Bolt - Malcontent Turncoat says he will still cross the floor! Bolt said "AGW has gone down the toilet, they need to stop pushing the AGW/ETS/CARP.

Rudd - interview about the possibility of losing the next election - I heardd the interview on AM. Arrgh! (Can't find the link, he's soooo boring they don't have any special links to what he burbles.)

Tony Abbott. Reducing CO2, we must. IPCC under a cloud. Respect their decision but not take it as gospel truth.
Pensions - you might have to wait longer.
Private health insurance - it's important to have strong health insurance.
Christmas Is - totally committed to offshore policy. Opposed to people taking to the sea in boats.
Will adopt detention for all illegal arrivals.
Election - ALP keeps changing their mind about the election. Tony suggests Sept/October for the election.
ETS - people will be worse off on the ALP's ETS, $500 - $600, on 80k & 120k.

Your Shout in a bar - oooh, I think they like Abbott more than Turnbull. But they seem to like Rudd.... hmm.

Mischa - Government business in Parliament, Intergenerational Report, Spending in schools,

Bolt - Abbott's first policy out in parliament and the conversation changed. It's about money.

Taylor - Abbott not aiming for the green/light green vote, he's arguing for something he's not sure he believes in. They are losing the argument on the money.

Bolt - Abbott doesn't need to say that AGW is crap, Rudd et al are saying for him.

Bumper sticker - We have to save Australia again from Rudd's Great Big New Tax.

Bolt - that's what it is!

Taylor - Well, ALP should talk about Abbott's great big hole in the budget.

None of them really said that we're warming all to hell... perhaps it's a sign.

Bolt - Abbott's contradiction, he's spending all this money on something he doesn't believe in, perhaps he should have an inquiry.

Taylor - agrees that there should be an inquiry... Barry agrees.

Rudd's bumper sticker - Mister Abbott in his own words says that Climate Change is Crap.

(Thanks for the comment on the Wongbot post, Wand, I'll look later.)

Taylor - Copenhagen... Bolt - five aren't doing anything... Taylor - they are taking action!

Bolt - We'll be shipping jobs overseas. The science is now less sure than a year ago. Cautious policy, buy time, see where the science is.

Taylor's dense.

The photo of Monckton...
Barry - Lord Monckton is an extremist - Bolt disagrees. Taylor agrees that there's plenty to attack Monckton on other than his eyes.
Bolt - personal abuse is not acceptable. Monckton exposed the paper about supplying the UN with money for redistribution to other nations. This IS governmnet.
Taylor - oh but, but, but....
Barry - But Abbott met with Monckton after he announced his policy...
Bolt - it's time to give the sceptics a go, there needs to be balance.
Taylor - Rudd hasn't explained.
Bolt - Rudd's based on spin and when he realises that people aren't convinced, he spins more.

Barnaby Joyce at the press club. Oops.

Lindsay Tanner - Meet the Press interview.

Talking Pictures - Warren Brown - oh dear. Budgie smugglers. Great photo of Abbott staring at Rudd in parliament.

Obama, visiting in march. Taylor - a photo opp for Rudd.

Rudd is on Q&A Monday night.

Bolt protests being on the couch and not on the far right chair. Taylor says she's comfortable there.

Drugs, I need drugs. I have a headache. It's raining and dull outside.


Skeeter said...

I thought that Bolt was better off sitting in the middle. He dominated the picture, was always in shot, and was more in control of the discussion from that position.
Bolt's parting words about Rudd's non-appearance on Insiders seemed to take Bazza by surprise. Apparently there are some delicate negotiations under way.

On Barnaby Joyce:
Are Mrs Skeeter and I the only viewers who saw the whole hour of that NPC address and questions? Barnaby filled his half-hour with a rapid-fire blast of good points, and fielded the questions with skill, honesty and a singular lack of obfuscation.
My only criticism was that his delivery was too rapid and he seemed to be trying to get too much into the time. This speedy delivery led to the trip of the tongue over millions, billions, trillions, which has been blown out of all proportion by the media.
He needs to slow down to match the cognitive skills of the journalists at the NPC. The journalists' grab-rate at that venue is 1/hour and we knew immediately what it would be for Barnaby's address.

WV: dimize What happens to the media after all that wine and food at the NPC

daddy dave said...

I thought they were nicer to Andrew than usual. Maybe they've figured out he was right all along?

Carpe Jugulum said...

Sounds like it was a good show, unfortunately i had a fishing comp in beautiful sunshine on Westernport Bay.

Curse my awful luck.

kae said...

I liked Bolt in the middle.
I think he got a fair go more than he usually gets.

I agree. Although I'm not so sure how rabid pro AGW they were before. Maybe they're having doubts? Though Taylor's comment that Copenhagen was a success was, er, misinformed.

I wondered where you were. Off bludging and enjoying yourself as usual!