Sunday, February 21, 2010


Anything worth watching on it?

$250M rebate to TV networks.

Fran Kelly - on Rann election and scandalous affair (yawn)

Piers Akerman - stingy PM doesn't buy raffle ticket, seller sacked from voluntary Lion's Club ticket sale job. (Looks like Bolt's already watched Insiders.)

David Marr (reading the newspaper through Kelly's rundown) -Stephen Conroy's skiing with Kerry Stokes was a freebie. What's a daypass at "Beaver Creek", somewhere in Colorado/Canada worth? (Only about $A100 - which is under the three hundred dollar limit.)
Piers points out that the membership of Stokes to the ski club allows them to get discounts on many of the parts and packages of skiing in this place. So Conroy is benefiting from this larger, more expensive membership. Marr and Cassidy move on...

Your Shout
ANU Drama students would rather vote for a liar (Rudd), even though he's full of spin and he has let them down, than vote for someone who is mad (Abbott). Citing amongst other things Workchoices, and when they cited that I wondered if any of them had actually had jobs, they weren't young, perhaps professional students. Only one, the woman, said she'd possibly change and vote for the coalition, in a two party preferred situation.... but she'll probably vote Green and therefore vote Labor again.

Insulation. Condemned by everyone. From full on, to completely off. What about all those people who lost their jobs? Well, I beg to differ, the jobs weren't permanent anyway and would have ended eventually. They'd be unemployed. Especially the little kids on the roof handing the insulation into the roof to the people inside.

Someone shut Marr up, he keeps interrupting Piers.


Skeeter said...

Even the Luvvies are worried about Rudd.

wv: fiblions: Liars of the pride

Rabz said...

Hi Kae!

kae said...

Skeeter, it's a good sign that the insufferable supporters of Rudd are seeing cracks... not before time!

Cute yarmulke (?), is it RAAF issue, or a footie team? Sorry, I'm a bit dense.
Just popped into your blog and I am delighted that the screaming students who thought Rudd was some kind of rock star seem to have had the scales fall from their eyes (or the rose tinted glasses broke and they can no longer afford new ones).
Economist, huh? Hmm. I won't hold that against you. Are you an econometricist?

Minicapt said...

... sound not inexpensive.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Evening Kae,

I can't watch anything with Marr on it anymore, smashinh the TV every time gets expensive.

Egg said...

Does Marr have any cred left at all?