Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monckton in Canberra - guest post

From MarkL in Canberra

Attended the Monckton/Plimer public lecture at the National Press Club today. A quick reprise.

The hall was packed, 370 people +/-5%, with a handful standing. Prof. Plimer gave a rollicking 4 minute intro covering 3 billion years to set the geological scene, Monckton spoke to 85 minutes covering 150 years since. Peter Spencer was present and got a rousing round of applause. He and 30,000 other farmers have had their farms essentially expropriated as ‘carbon sinks’ by a dirty deal between the Rudd Government and the State governments. That expropriation deal is in direct breach of the Constitution.

The trip was funded by a retired couple from Noosa, from their superannuation. They are being paid back by the $20 ‘donation’ to attend. If I had known that I’d have paid more.

Monckton’s presentation was brilliant; erudite, witty, crammed with facts and with small insights just not seen anywhere. For example, the IPCC said there was no discernable human impact on climate until 1995, when some bureaucrat realised saying this might affect his job. So they got one man (yes, just one, over at Benson-Livermore Labs) to rewrite what the scientists said and this appeared in 1995. By 2001 they still had not been caught, so ICC was waffling about a 66% chance, up to 90% chance in 2007. They were caught then, 90% is an unusual statistical marker. On investigation, that figure had been chosen by a show of hands by the political reps of the governments funding IPCC!

That is the warmies ‘scientific consensus’.

He ran through the bad human outcomes of ‘science groupthink’, pointing out that before DDT was banned, 50,000 people a year died from malaria. After the ban, 1,000,000 a year died of it, mostly third world children. The ban lasted 40 years, so lefties, greenies and the scientific groupthink they created caused a policy outcome of 40,000,000 dead, mostly kids. Places the left in their real light: as feel-good mass-killers.

Demostrarted how the IPCC uses bogus methods to ‘prove’ warming since 1970 by taking exactly the same data and the same method to ‘prove’ global coldening since 1970.

Ran through the real costs of Climate change policy and pointed out the sheer fatuous idiocy behind it, then dived into the cesspool of scientific fraud, lies, chicanery and deceit being the AGW ringleaders. The flow of examples was astounding. He even covered the way they have deliberately corrupted individual station temperature records at places like Darwin.

Points to take away:

The Warmies have to lie to make any case, so minimise the damage of their lies and let the truth come out.
Point out that the UN itself says that shutting down the global economy to a Stone-Age level for 40 years will ‘prevent’ ONE DEGREE of warming. So why destroy the economy for nothing, when we can adapt to any climate change an less than 1% of the cost of the failed Kyoto Agreement?
Science will be saved by stopping taxpayer funding, which has created a ‘welfare culture’ of dependency among scientists.

Excellent afternoon, and I now have a copy of Plimer’s book ‘Heaven and Earth’ with both his and Monckton’s signature in it.

I'm jealous!


Ed Darrell said...

Except Monckton's numbers are in error. Before the U.S. "ban" on DDT (which left DDT available to fight malaria) 2 million people a year died from malaria. Today, we have it down to under one million.

There is no fact about DDT that Monckton has gotten right in any presentation I've seen.

Some details here.

Love Research said...

The point in contention is 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'.

'There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate' - Petition Project.

As for what you have seen, well it seems that you haven't been looking very hard. Ignorance is bliss I suppose?

MarkL said...

Ed, I have been following the malaria thing, having spent a considerable portion of my life in the third world.

If his figures are wrong - blame WHO. Y'know, the United Nations World Health Organisation.

That's where he got them from.

There is a bloody reason why on 15 September 2006 Dr Arata Kochi, the head of WHO (about the only UN organisation that is competent) lifted the DDT ban.

The supporters of the DDT ban are, IMHO, quite literally murderers, with (according to WHO) about 40 megadeaths to their 'credit'.

Most of the dead are children. Most are African.
lefites and greenies don't care how many "little broen kiddies" die. After all, feeling good about themselves is much more important.
I have literally never met a leftie or a greenie who was not a racist.
Oh, it's the soft patronising racism of low expectations.

But it is still racism.

As for AGW, as belief in it is a cult, it's just like a cockroach with the head chopped off. It still scuttles and skitters about, and it will take ages to starve to death.

The MSM is just starting to realise that there are sales in revealing the scandals, theft, lies, scams and corruption behind the AGW scam.

When more than one or two do, they'll turn on it and rip into it. The former IPCC head (Sir John Houghton) is under criminal investigation right now for his criminal activities as IPCC head in the 90s. The Indian Railway Engineer will follow.

And yet, the gullible still shriek out "Aaaah belieeeeeeeve!" about AGW. It is highly entertaining.

How's that as a 'tipping point' for ya?


Paul said...


Thanks for throwing a bit more light on the DDT/malaria numbers.

However, I spat my tea all over my keyboard when you said 'WHO (about the only UN organisation that is competent)'.

I can only assume that the Swine Flu scam didn't reach Australia.

It's becoming pretty clear (to me anyhow) that WHO is heavily influenced by Big Pharma.

This soon-to-be published report by the Council of Europe will tell us more.

Glasgow, Scotland.

MarkL said...


I have worked with the UN. A more worthless, incompetent, selfish pack of bastards I have never met. They create far more suffering than they solve.

Most of them... I would not piss in their mouths if their teeth were on fire.

There are a few exceptions. There are 'infected areas' even within WHO. But overall, their effect in the Third World is beneficial where it counts.


Marty said...

The banning of DDT is similar to other Green feel-gooderies like the outright banning of GMO foods in the EU. Without GM foods, around about 2 billion people would have starved in the twentieth century.

The agenda of these "leftists" (broad, I know, but bear with me) - is not to make themselves feel better, but to attack and undermine the economic system of the world. The anthropogenic climate change argument is a perfect tool for this, it's a neat little package supported by "pseudo-science".

I call myself a scientist because I'm sceptical. Of everything. This is okay, because there is truth to be found, it is just so much harder to convince a sceptic than it is to convince a sheep.

PS - MarkL - As for the UN criminals, I would piss in their mouths if they weren't spewing bullshit constantly. What a waste of money the UN is...