Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ya wouldn't read about it

I was home crook on Monday. I must have had a migraine in the night and woke up with the after affects. I slept most of the day, but dragged myself out of bed to complete a job application which was due in on Monday afternoon.

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment with inpatients at the Hospital. At the crack of 8am! Arrgh.

Next Tuesday is my procedure - cardiac ablation. I hope they let me out afterwards, last time they kept me in overnight. I was pretty crook with asthma from the medication given to switch off the SVT.

Anyhoo, today I get a call. I've got an interview. Guess what day. No, really! Yes! Tuesday. They'll try to get me interviewed this Friday or Monday next.

Ya wouldn't read about it!

I am soooooo chuffed!


Skeeter said...

Onya Kae. I have good feelings about this job application.
As for next Tuesday, dunno whether it helps or not but I spent this Tuesday (yesterday) getting two wisdom teeth plus a broken molar surgically removed under a GA.
I spent all yesterday afternoon at home wishing I had not survived the operation, but things are much better today.
The bleeding has stopped, I can talk again (albeit with a lithp) and I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to eat a balanced diet without hot foods, hot drinks or anything that needs chewing.
Desparate for a caffeine fix after 36 hours without coffee, I tried this:
Put two large scoops of mango icecream into a large tumbler. Add two tablespoons of cold mashed chicken and pumpkin. Fill the glass with hot espresso coffee and mix thoroughly. The hot coffee melts the icecream, brings the temperature of the drink up to blood heat (no thermal shock to raw tissue) and it can be taken through a straw without chewing.
Delicious, and I am going to try it with a teaspoon of Vegemite tomorrow.

WV: "ingedisl", which is about how I am saying ingredients

kae said...

Ouch and yuk, respectively.

WV: cress
What you should be eating.

missred said...

good luck on both, kae. speedy recovery and hope you get the job!

prairiecat55kc said...

Ditto what they said, Kae.

Well, without the mango chicken milkshake, anyway. (BLECH!)

prairiecat55kc said...

Ditto what they said, Kae.

Well, without the mango chicken milkshake, anyway. (BLECH!)

Wand said...

All the best for your ab and job! And take it easy ... Cheers