Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snake! II


This is the adorable, furry kid... who's smart and affectionate and adventurous. See the excavations? Should have called him Digger. Nahhh. He's a Floyd. Fershure.

This is the unwanted visitor I found last night under the pergola, frightening the furry kid. Red bellied black snake, juvenile. (Phewwww. Why do they stink so much?)

I really don't mind snakes. Just as long as they're not at my place, particularly near my dogs.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Onya Floyd......arse kicking dog yah

kae said...

Just for clarification, snakes are protected.

This snake committed suicide by throwing him/herself under the blunt blade of the spade I was holding.

Floyd just jumped inside and look at the snake which, in the dark, looked a lot like duct tape... black and shiny on the back and silvery white underneath, inthe dark.