Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jermaine's hair - WTF?


Close-up of, is it Germaine (Jermaine?) Jackson doing an interview on Today Tonight... caught by accident after watching the Great Pyramid doco on ABC.

Jackson has (giggle), I can't believe it. His hair is thin at the sides so he's painted his skull black and filled in the missing hair bits with makeup...

I painted someone up similarly to make him look like Dracula many years ago... but that was fancy dress.

Is it vanity? Embarrassment? Does he really think people don't notice that it's paint and make-up? I think he may have had some "spray felt" on his noggin where the hair should be, to. Akubra's branching out? Another shot. Don't rub too hard with the tissue, luv. Your hair will come off.


missred said...

he named his kid jermajesty? oh for heaven's sake

Anonymous said...

Didn't know Michael was the sane one, didja!

Pedro the Ignorant said...

ROFL! - "Jermajesty"!!!
That whole family is a freak show.

kae said...