Sunday, March 14, 2010

Insiders 14/3/10

Dennis Atkins - on Rann

Fran Kelly - Rudd's rudeness to Keneally, and comparison to his warmth to Anna Bligh.

Glenn Milne - Tony10 domain name has been registered. But by a Liberal supporter, not the Liberal party.

Comment that Kevin could delay the election and could use the slogan Kevin11 - God forbid.

Wayne Swan is the studio guest. Reckless and erratic behvaiour of Abbott... not Howard any more... and the ALP and Rudd isn't reckless and erratic. Worth a listen to Wayne's blather just to hear that... I'll post a link when it's up.

Here's the link, but the show won't go up for a while after it airs.

Your Shout
University of Melbourne Debating Society (that'll be balanced). Are they old enough to have babies? A lot of 'ums' from the first speaker. And, like, way too many 'likes', like, from the third speaker, like.

ALP Message on Health regarding the Lib/Nat coaltion is:

Glenn Milne on obstructionism, and the measurement of the number of bills knocked back by the Lib/Nat coalition.

60 Minutes interview where Abbott had said he felt threatened by homosexuality. Glenn Milne spoke of his knowledge of previous experience of Abbott with homosexuality. And that didn't come out quite right. I'd say that Mr Abbott had been hassled by men who batted for the other team in the past.

The letter from Garrett to Rudd regarding the home insulation program. Rudd received this letter in mid August. And the panel is ripping into that performance by Rudd in parliament. And I can't find it in Hansard.

I found this from Mr Hunt interesting... Hansard, 10 March 2010, page 44

Oh, here we go. Hansard, 9 March 2010, Page 11.

Mr ABBOTT—In question time today the Prime Minister claimed that as health minister I had neglected cancer services in the Northern Territory and he bignoted himself for recently opening a new cancer service in the Northern Territory. I inform the House that on 29 March 2007 the Territory health minister and I announced the investment in cancer care in the Territory and the service that the Prime Minister opened the other day, and I seek leave to table the relevant press
Leave not granted

Talking Pictures - yawn.

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