Sunday, March 7, 2010


Will I? Won't I?

No signal on TV... maybe not?

I'll retune it and see. Some days back I noticed that the Panasonic DVD recorder (old one, no hard drive), was flashing "please wait". I couldn't turn it off. I couldn't open the DVD drawer. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked. Disconnecting the power turned it off, but the TV lost signal. WTF? The TV has its own HD tuner. Turned the DVD back on.

Okay, the auto tune has finished. ABC has disappeared, as has the slot for SBS (which has never worked very well). I can only get ABC on analogue now. Grrr.

We'll see how the program goes, and whether my friends I'm having lunch with arrive at their destination early (I'll have to leave home to meet them).

Chris Ullman is hosting.

Rudd plays doctors.

Laura Tingle - PM lashes Brumby on health.

Brian Toohey - ASIO recruits fill top jobs

Phil Coorey - Neal punted by Labor

Joe Hockey special guest - Labor will never pay off its debt, Labor will never finish with a surplus. Rudd will be long gone to the UN when the ramifications of the new hospital plan turn to adverse results.

Your Shout
Honeybees Choir.
1. Federal gov't looking after hospitals while being advised by local hospital boards.
2. Wildcard. We should stay healthy.
3. Good mix in Aus between Candain and US health systems.

3. Look at the insulation debacle!
2. Food is the foundation, medicine is treating the symptoms not the disease. (She should write a self help book, to tell people how they should live - perhaps hire herself out to go into people's homes and direct their entire life.)

Brian Toohey - just summed up Rudd. Rudd is a very bad policy maker, but Rudd thinks he's a genius.
Laura Tingle -Rudd thinks he is the government.
Phil Coorey - Rudd's unsustainable micromanagement.

Looks like Rudd's stopped spinning, and is now running around in circles.

Toohey - kids really don't need to know grammar. Kids these days are really more literate.
Ullman - as an army brat who had three school changes and three changes in writing styles in one year he quite likes the idea of an Australian curriculum.

Bullying - Rudd said it's quite OK to phone the parent of the bully and discuss the problem. Which went down like a tonne of bricks with the anti-bullying experts. ) I'd say it would depend on whether the parents of the bully were themselves bullies.

Sorry, I lost interest in Talking Pictures, was writing the next post...


kc said...

Looks like [--] stopped spinning, and is now running around in circles.

I LOVE this line!

stackja1945 said...

Bureaucrat-in-chief tells other bureaucrats how to bureaucratise.

Carpe Jugulum said...

"Toohey - kids really don't need to know grammar. Kids these days are really more literate."

Where i work new graduates applying for a position have to submit their CV & any prior work history in their own handwriting.

The bulk of what HR has shown me is a disgrace, the spelling is nonexistant and any form of sentence structure would embarrass any credible educator.

Egg said...

Kev - the runabout Rudder...