Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Days

You know how some days you go to work intent on doing A, B and C, and laying the groundwork for D, but then you're busy all day with peripheral stuff and "interruptions" and not much, if anything, of A, B and C (and D), is done?

Yesterday was like that for me.

I had to go to the Big House for a course. It was interesting but the prof speaking had a stutter. Not an ord-ord-ord-ordinary stutter. His was a refined, thinking about the next phrase, stutter.

He was very handsome and had a lovely accent, but truly, we could have been there for at least 12 minutes less without his emphastutter/stutthink. I'm just trying to.... to think of.... of how he spoke. It was... was quite grating. (He didn't stumble that much, however I think that illustrates what I meant.)

Oh crap, look at the time. Gotta get ready for work.

Oh, and a blogger's baby is visiting Aus and I hope to meet that baby tomorrow and take said offspring out west a few hours for a look-see. Depends on whether I can change a hospital appointment or not.... I hope so.


missred said...

have a wonderful time. wish i was there

kae said...

I arrived home about an hour ago.

She had a good time I think. Didn't get to go as far as I would have liked. But kangaroos are bad out there, and if you hit one they tend to bugger up your car.

I've emailed you with pix!

She had a good time I think. She said she did.