Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red Flowering Gum

I love these trees. I have one, but it hasn't flowered yet. It's a scrawny, mallee* looking thing. These flowers are quite large, bigger than a US$1 coin in diameter and the leaves on the tree are huge. I'll try to get a photo of the tree from a bit of a distance, there are two together I think. I tried to photograph them yesterday but it was so windy I had to hold the branch, and then after only five photos the camera battery was flat (forgot to check whether it needed charging or not).

(*Mallee is scrubby, low-growing eucalypts. My one has a scrawny trunk and is very low. The leaves are huge... I'll take a pic, but not today... I can't find it in the long grass. Some of the Australian bush is called "mallee scrub", and it's made up of many-trunked, low-growing eucalypts and interesting understory plants.)

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