Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a day!

Ok, well - it was only the afternoon.

First, it was humid and horrible. Not at all conducive to doing yard work, so I delayed as long as possible, and besides, I was yakking with a friend via email.

First job was to fix the pergola light. As previously mentioned it had blown and the ceramic bit of the lamp had fused to the ceramic bit of the fitting. Floyd is a funny little sausage, a lot like 48, he likes to watch you work (hey, council worker in a previous life?), but I think he'd probably be able to do the job if he had to! He watched me as I dragged his huge dogbox from under the light fitting so I could put up the little stepladder under it. I turned off the power and climbed up the two steps.

Carefully unscrewing the single screw which held the glass front on the fitting I thought to myself, "Must be careful not to lose that screw." With one of grandma's good steak knives I tried to get the piece off, but it was awkward. I used the end of the screwdriver as a mallet and gave the knife a couple of taps. The bit came off, there is still a bit there I just can't get it off, and the lamp fitted in fine so I left it. I closed the front of the lamp, but the seal had fallen out of its track. Bloody thing. The glass isn't fixed either, as the silicone or whatever they used to fix it when it was new has just lost its stick. So I thought "Must be careful not to drop that glass..."

I pushed the seal back into its slot and pushed the front of the light fitting back up again, put the screw in, and began to screw it together. Something was wrong, it wouldn't fit properly. The glass had moved up a bit, so I had to open it and try again. Finally it was perfect... I started to tighten the screw again and... bloody screw fell out of the fitting, I must have shaken or something. It fell on the concrete, bounced, and shot into the grass. I looked and looked, and so did Floyd, and we couldn't find it.

Back inside, in the dark (no power, remember), scratching around looking for somewhere I might have a screw. I found a pack which came with something that I didn't end up using and, hallelulja, one fitted. Of course, every torch I own has flat batteries.

That job done I put the step ladder back inside and shooed Floyd out of the way to push his dog box back against the house. We had a bit of a play and Mr Showoff demonstrated to me that he could now jump up on top of his dogbox. Bloody hell. First time and he did it! He jumped up there a couple of times, just to show me that he could I think!

Into the shed and start up the mower to cut the grass in the dog yard. It's as high as the fence (over 4 feet tall). Floyd was going crazy because I was in the shed and then down the back. He was realling barking hysterically. I was mowing the yard when I realised that Meg was running around... Floyd was outside the fence, Meg was in with me. Floyd had jumped the little fence around the pergola yard and wriggled out of his collar.

So, after the drama of mowing, first I had a flat tyre, then I ran out of petrol, and wouldn't start again after I filled the tank, arrgh, and the grass was so long I had to mow it back and forward, and it's not finished yet, we played. Floyd wasn't interested in jumping over the fence, but then again there was nothing to distract him from tormenting Meg.

However, Meg gets her own back, when I call Floyd and he wants to come, Meg will stop him from coming to me! She's a monster! Something's been biting her ears, I'll have to get something for that. I think it's the flies.

So, here's some pix of the kids playing...

And now, 60 Minutes is on TV. And the Gazans are pissing and moaning about how hard done by they are. It's about the tunnel rats. It's the only way the poor Gazans get fresh meat (and weapons and ammo).
If they hadn't destroyed what the Israelis left behind and if they weren't so bloody murderous and destructive, they'd be able to farm and look after their own food needs.
And of course, the spokes talking head is an Irishman who has obviously been totally conned.


Anonymous said...

OK OK, but IS the light working??

WE wants to know!


kae said...

Yes, Lou

It works.

Though Floyd didn't seem too impressed that the light worked... he just thought he was pretty special when, in one go, he leapt up onto his dog box.... bloody showoff!

Carpe Jugulum said...

Way to go Floyd the wonder dog. :)

kae said...

Don't encourage him, Carpe!

Anonymous said...

in one go, he leapt up onto his dog box

kae, I have seen dogs clearing six foot high paling fences with no trouble at all.
And from the paling side too, as long as the can get a purchase on the top with their paws, they pull themselves over.
Might be a bit different with chain wire, they don't like the wobble if they can't clear it clean.

Have you tried a harness type thingo for his rope, instead of the collar?


kae said...

I left him in a harness one day.
He wriggled out of it and chewed it up. The harness was front legs through and then hooked together at the back of the shoulders, behind the neck. I used it on all the other dogs (same style), and they'd never got out of it. He pulls on a lead so I wanted to make it better for him by using the harness. Big mistake.
Anyhoo, the little blighter will not wear a halti - know anyone who wants to buy a pretty purple halti - only worn... well, he kept getting it off, even the dogtrainer lady gave up after we both rolled around on the ground trying to get it on him...

The side gate is over four feet, it's up hill and the little bugger just runs up there and leaps up, hooking his front legs over the top, walks his back legs up the mesh in the gate (it's a big farm gate). I've stopped him twice. I don't want to take that chance, I'm not game to let him off if I'm not out there with him, and even then he used to make a b-line for any dogs, people he saw or voices he heard.

Now, what was I talking about... Oh yes.

I'm not sure whether I can let him off even if I'm around. He was coming to me when I filled the mower up and it wouldn't start, I called him and he came, but Meg stopped him.

That's their game. I throw the ball, she runs to fetch so I can throw it again and Floyd runs interference. Then, when I call Floyd after the game is over, or before it begins, Meg will stop him from coming to me!

Anonymous said...

looks like you have your work cut out there kae.
Still they are fun to have around.

We only ever had Aussie terriers, prefer smaller dogs, plus they aren't too smart.

Nice to have a pet you don't have to feel inferior to.


Anonymous said...

"Nice to have a pet you don't have to feel inferior to"

I meant me, not literally YOU!

kae said...

Gee, LouMac, thanks for pointing that out. (just saw your apology... Hmmm)

The thing with Floyd is that he's just the sweetest, gentlest dog. He'd rather a pat than a feed, he loves to play. He's a tearaway.

He's got a lot of the good points of all the dogs I've had, and none of the bad... except he's TOO SMART.

I love him to bits, and because he loves people so much (and he's a bit of a jumper with me), I'm afraid that if he gets off and gets out he might hurt someone, or someone might get a fright, and he'll be hurt. He's never been hit - severe words, yes, growling etc, but he's fearless! (Meg is timid.)

Like 48, Katie and Bundy, Floyd will only eat when he's hungry - unless it's a treat. Meg is a guts. Like 48, Katie and Bundy, Floyd will crap way down the yard, and if he's tied up, he will only crap in the same place. Meg shits anywhere.

kae said...

Did I say I love him to bits?

Anonymous said...

He's just that kind, Kae - no explainin' it, he just is and finding you has made him complete.

robbie46 said...

It is a real pleasure to read about people who love their dogs, and it is plain kae that you do, enjoy them.