Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insiders 21/3/10

Will it be interesting...

About the Tasmanian and South Australian elections.

George Megalogenis - Tasmanian election newspapers.

Misha Schubert -

Michael Stutchbury -

Your Shout, Madonna King (ABC Brisbane) at Bicycle Australia. Interesting, they reckon that Abbott may become PM...

Some of the argy-bargy in parliament this week... Abbott was a tiger!
Search for Latham and then Darwin, for the argy-bargy about health.

Interesting points from George about debate about funding and finance.

Talking pictures had a photo of Rudd in parliament with his comb over falling off his head... LOL, but I can't find it... this will have to do:

Oh look. And he's still a dweeb, and he's got the head-tilty thing happening, too.


Skeeter said...

I have seen a couple of clips lately of Mr Rudd arranging his hair before a photo shoot.
He leans forward so the hair falls away from his head. Then, as his head returns to the vertical, he passes his hand between his scalp and the fluffy bit at the front.

Our daughter had a boyfriend who used to toss his head around to re-arrange his hair. We called him Flicker, which did not please daughter.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Michael Stutchbury could talk under 6 feet of wet cement with a mouth full of marbles and still wouldn't make any sense.
Don't bring him back, please, please, Insiders.

I wouldn't mind seeing Peter van Onselen on Insiders. A master of bending with the wind and sitting on the fence.
Is Bruce Petty finally succumbing to dementia?

Anonymous said...

There you go Kae.

Is this what you were after?



kae said...

Thank you K!

That's perfek!

Oh, I gotta put that up...

Taa muchly!

K who?