Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ALP Qld's next trick: Sell the Motorways

The ALP has decided to sell off the Gateway Arterial Road, which is part of the National Highway, and the Logan Motorway, which is the main route for western suburbs residents to get to the Gold Coast.

The Federal Government has said it will not maintain private roads, perfectly understanable.

As a preliminary move the Government announced some time ago that tolls would be increasing by 30%. This is to make the tollways more appealing to private purchasers.

QLD Not For Sale privatisation sheets.

It doesn’t make sense
Here’s a snapshot of what the government will be giving up in annual revenue:

  • Queensland Rail: generates over $3.5 billion
  • Port of Brisbane: operating profit of almost $500 million in 2007/08
  • Queensland Motorways: in 2007/08 there was a 13% increase in toll revenue taking profits to $161 million AND an 11% increase in net operating cash flows taking profits to $60m
  • Forestry Plantations Queensland: achieved a $29.6 million trading surplus in 2007/08
This is the Queensland State Government's stance on the sale of assets.


Anonymous said...

to you and me, it makes no sense, why kill the goose, when you can collect the eggs day by day?

But for the miserable politicians, it's like collecting six month's worth of eggs in one go and give sweeteners to the gullible, and winning again!!
Bugger tomorrow, it never comes!

And there is proof that it works.

Skeeter said...

Privatisation of state assets is a good thing.
After the state has sold all the infrastructure and privatised all its services, the users of the services — instead of paying taxes — will be paying tolls and fees to the new owners.
This means we won't ever have to pay taxes again.
Or have I got something wrong?

Anonymous said...

This means we won't ever have to pay taxes again?

In an ideal world Skeeter, we would pay less taxes, or if everything privatised, NO taxes.

Of course you know very well that it will never happen.


Skeeter said...

Indeed LouMac, it will never happen.

What will happen is that, in addition to the new tolls and higher fees for electriciy, fares, etc, we will be paying even more taxes.