Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Butter wouldn't melt

My furry mate was busy last night.

Floyd was very clever last night, he learnt stay. Now he knows sit, down, no, leave, come, stay. I'm chuffed. It will all probably go out the window in company!

After staying up way too late I popped out to say goodnight to him as is my habit, and he was around the corner on the dirt, I called he came - he was probably up to mischief. When I said "Show me!" he ran around the corner of the pickets of the pergola and started snurfling something. He'd been chasing a cane toad earlier and I'd told him to leave! I guess he thought I meant only that one at that time.

There was a small cane toad, a little bigger than a large matchbox, smaller than a cigarette packet... a 20s one (not the 50s ones you get now!!), which Floyd was trying to catch. Well, catch and release sort of thing. I told him to leave, very sternly. He came back to me and left the toad alone.

But then he started licking his chops and like he was trying to spit...

No hose handy so I tried to rise his mouth and muzzle with water from his bucket. Wast frothing as bad as 48 did a couple of times before he learnt to leave toads alone.

He was fine thismorning, so he'll be OK. It was 1 am before I fell into bed. Grr.

Here's some recent pix off my phone. He's too cute!


Merilyn said...

When we used to take the "girls" [in this case our dogs, just so you know] for their last toilet for the night, we always carried a spade, to knock any Toads that were silly enough to be out there, pop them in a bag and freeze them.
Floyd is so good looking, by the way any more problems with fleas?
Well done with the training.

kae said...

Hmm. Floyd hasn't any fleas.

I'm not so sure about me, though.

Isn't he gorgeous?

kae said...

Oh, Floyd didn't get "stay" until last night because I was teaching him incorrectly of course...

No wait. He was training me.

Yes, that's it.

I was trying to teach him at the end of his rope. I took him over to the tether point and sat him and stayed him and he just stayed.

He's getting my trained, eventually I'll be all trained up... look at those hypnotic eyes!