Monday, April 19, 2010

Floyd, again

Floyd's been having a bit of a problem with itchies. I think it's fleas, he probably got them from Meg when they were playing the other week.

I found one pipette of flea stuff so I put it on him yesterday (I'll have to search for the other for Meg, or buy a new one tomorrow). When I came inside later I felt a tickle at my temple in my hair. It tickled for a while.

Then I found the flea, which was enormous.

At least Floyd hasn't got fleas any more (and this big bastard flea was pretty sick so maybe now I won't have any anymore either).


Anonymous said...

"big bastard flea"

in a genealogy sense or colloquially?

Dog fleas do not attack (suck) humans, at least so I'm told!


kae said...

Hi Merilyn
Hmm, I saw the comment, but haven't had a chance to reply. I think I saw the comment.

This comment here, however, I didn't see come in until now...... must be a blockage in the pipeline!

And now I'll have the galloping itches as I feel like I've got fleas all over me!


Pedro the Ignorant said...

That's the trouble when you find a flea (or a tick) on yourself. You become convinced that you are infested with them and start itching all over and scratching the phantom itches.

Young Floyd is a bit of a high maintenance doggy, isn't he?

Anonymous said...
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kae said...

Spam slammed

Carpe Jugulum said...

Yet another Floyd the Wonder Dog moment. :)