Monday, April 19, 2010

Carl Williams dead in prison of heart attack

Just on the news. Unconfirmed that it is Carl Williams.

Head injuries and heart attack... the plot thickens. After an assault.

Serious head injuries caused cardiac arrest.

More later maybe.

Closest he's ever been to an exercise bike (or any bike) for a very long time I'd say.


Merilyn said...

....but how strange, right after a story in our paper today about how the Victorian Police and State Government are paying for his daughter's Private school fees.

kae said...

Yes, when googling the williams heart attack news the second item was regarding his daughter's school fees.


stackja1945 said...

Underbelly soon underground.

Anonymous said...


"his daughter's school fee"

first thing sprung to my mind too!
He must have known something real important!


Mehaul said...

He should have been hanging on the end of a rope years ago. Courtesy of Her Majesty. Betty King's 35 years was just to make her feel good about her authority. I hope she's not dining out with Christine Nixon tonight.

kae said...

Hi Mehaul.
I just updated.

Merilyn said...

See Williams was killed by a "trusted" mate, well he forgot one little thing, [due to the life he led] never trust anyone!

Anonymous said...

I heard some speculation on radio that he was killed because of the school fees story. Crims reckoned he must be grassing.

Then saw an item on WAToday this afternoon stating that Williams' death is a blow to several police investigations. I guess two and two really does make four - sometimes.