Sunday, April 18, 2010

Headbutts of love

Yeah. I get them.

From Floyd. He has the habit of leaping. He will leap when you walk outside. He will leap when you say hello. He will leap when you're bent over him and brushing him.

Headbutts of love.

He did it yesterday. I had a fat lip for a few hours. Now I have a whopping big bruise in my bottom lip. It's a ripper. I'm probably lucky my tooth didn't break the skin, I'm sure it would have bled a lot. (Okay, there's a pic below... doesn't do it justice!)

Look at him.... would he deliberately headbutt me in the cake-hole?

(Shut up, Carpe. I suspect you've been coaching him!)

Here's the damage...


Carpe Jugulum said...

Another victory for Floyd the Wonder Dog, (psst Floyd....i've Fedexed the giant bone)

Merilyn said...

Oh come on that beautiful er handsome boy wouldn't headbutt anyone, good doggie.

JP said...


Sure that ain't a umm, love bite Lady Kae?


Have meant to ask.. Do you recall why that Newsie and OR A TV affiliate of it (maybe stand alone) wrote me up at Tim's old place for a term I used to describe whatever "COMPOST"?

OH, wasn't I on the Tele reported on by some sissified DOOFUS?


wv: adiot

Where is that damn proofreader that missed a page with that "cookbook" slip?

I think they missed another SLIP...adiot


Phflltttt! Same to you bloke or blokette.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! Not a good look.

Reality check. What if it was someone else wearing that fat lip right now?

Here's why I ask:
Many, decades ago a woman (in Sydney) called police complaining that a dog had jumped on her in her street. No damage done, didn't even knock her down, but she demanded that something be done about it. He'd got out of his yard a few doors down (and I suspect she knew very well where he'd come from - my best friend lived in the same street and knew where he lived). She had two Boxers and was paranoid about their containment and behaviour. For good reason. The police had come and shot the dog on sight. He had not even approached the officer, let alone jumped on him. This magnificent animal was an Australian champion German Shepherd (believed to be a particularly vicious breed back then) and, of course, a valuable stud dog. Bang. Gone. Doubt it would happen these days but you never know.

Have you tried training Floyd not to jump? It takes lots of persistence and patience. He's as smart as he is gorgeous, he'll learn fast.


missred said...


Anonymous said...

THAT hurt. Beautiful Floyd the Wonder he wearing a pink collar?