Thursday, April 1, 2010

Heard today - government very carefully assessing new costs in insulation debacle

Roof insulation installation... No wonder the costs are blowing out. What a shame they didn't do this preliminary ground-work BEFORE the program!

Also interesting that another talking head on the radio tonight was waffling on about how carefully they're looking at costs and so on of checking the installation of the insulation... a bit late after the horse has bolted, so to speak!

Oh, and on ABC Mornings with Madonna King today she ripped into the ALP and their BER. She had people and statements from people on the program who had been involved with the BER and were able to tell what was going on, about the rorts, etc. Not sure that this interview is available on ABC site (I'll check - oh look here's something, not a transcript, but trust me, the audio is interesting), but this slab of AM was pertinent.

Oh, and while we're here at PM, this was an item of news yesterday, and this today... so this is probably NOT a good idea.

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