Thursday, April 1, 2010

Heard yesterday - AM again, sorry missed these Barnaby gems


Barnaby is getting bombarded by the leftist bastards.

08:00 31/03/2010
Joyce backtracks on toilet paper quip
Fresh in a new Opposition shadow portfolio Senator Barnaby Joyce has already found it necessary to explain some of his more colourful and controversial comments. Senator Joyce, the Opposition spokesman for water had said he planned to use the latest Productivity Commission report on water, due out today, as toilet paper. Since then Senator Joyce has climbed down a little, saying his comments were said in irony but he maintains his line that a pipeline that carries no water would be more productive spending than the Government outlays on primary school buildings. More

08:03 31/03/2010
School groups criticise Joyce's schools building program critique
Groups representing all types of schools have condemned Barnaby Joyce's criticism of the Federal Government's schools building program. The former Opposition finance spokesman says the scheme has delivered $16-billion of glorified garden sheds, but the school representatives say he's out of touch. More
At least Robb's sticking up for him... sorta...

08:06 31/03/2010
Barnaby has his own style: Robb
The man who replaced Barnaby Joyce as the Opposition's finance spokesman, Andrew Robb, has distanced himself from the National Senator's dismissive view of the Productivity Commission. Mr Robb says the economic advisory body set up by the Howard government plays an important role. But Mr Robb says Senator Joyce has his own style that can be useful in politics. More


robbie46 said...

Kae, I like Barnaby Joyce, the problem with most Media and those of the left persuasion is that he is to outspoken and not PC enough for them, hence their dislike of him, the same applies to Tony Abbott.
They [media] would prefer someone they can bend to their way of thinking.
[Some people also know me as MW].

Anonymous said...


while it's true what you say, but you and most importantly they,(BJ And TA) have to remember that they are politicians, not boy scouts, where truth matters above all else.

I'm not advocating lying, but they could be quiet at times. Not all and every question must be answered.

I was listening to T Abbott yesterday on the Melbourne ABC, and I can tell you he made no favors for himself, firstly by being 20 minutes late on an already hostile station where a smart ass but clever presenter, tore him to shreds before he even appeared.
Then he made it even worse by answering a question in a really stupid way. Even if that was his true opinion, the way the question had been put to him, there was only one way to answer, or say something evasive.

Apparently being, late is a habit of his, not good!
I'm not a fan of his, because of his previous actions, but hi is our best chance at the moment so I want him to perform.

Anonymous said...

You make some very good points there LouMac, perhaps Tony and Barnaby need a new management team to help them, by telling them there are times to make comments and times to just keep quite.
Tony also needs someone to keep him on track regarding his appointment times, that is just good manners.