Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Australian F111s flying tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the last time Australians will see their F111s flying, they will be participating in the fly-past at the Brisbane Anzac Parade tomorrow.

The F111 has served Australia well.

I'll miss them.

From The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton).

Story 2.

Nasho News, Queensland - June 2009, PDF Page, actual page 3.


Minicapt said...

Page 2 was more interesting ...


Anonymous said...

OT kae,
re. The book, is it some kind of scifi? I like science fiction.

Looked it up in my local library and it comes up as romance?


kae said...

He's a timetraveller, but he has no control over his ability to time travel...

There was a movie recently released about it... put the title into IMDB...

I don't want to spoil the story - Did you ever see "Frequency"?

Far-fetched, but a very interesting story.

kae said...

Wand saw the movie but didn't read the book, he said that the movie was quite entertaining and a good story well told.

I think that's what he said..

kae said...

Wand was captive in an aircraft at the time....

Anonymous said...

thanks kea,

I have to reserve it but it's available in my local lib.

Don't mind a bit of romance, but too much of it in, an otherwise different gender book, spoils the plot.
How is things with you?


kae said...

Hi Lou
Mum's not a SF reader, but she bought it in London a few years ago on one of her SKIing* trips. She liked it very much and brought it back for me to read.

I'm good. I wish I could take anti-inflamatories, my shoulders have been giving me gyp lately. I'll have to smear myself with Voltaren before I go to bed. Yuk.

I have to get up about 4:10 am tomorrow to get down to the Dawn service. I've said I'll transport some people to the breakfast. But I've got to clean the junk out of the car first, I have some things I packed up at work at the old job and it's all in the back of the car...

*spending kids' inheritance

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's only a half hour drive or train ride for me to the Shrine, so I can get up at the usual time.

Your shoulders, don't get old kae, at least that's what my dad used to say to us, I'm trying, but I have my doubts!

Still, as long as we are here to complain and moan, nothing can go wrong!

Take it easy!


kae said...

Too late about the not getting old bit...

The shoulders are a combination of a dislocated left shoulder and fractured glenoid in 2001 and then hitting a kangaroo at about 80-going-on-100kph on the way to work one morning - the physio tells me it's whiplash. It began to hurt like hell and cramp up within 2 hours of hitting the roo!

I'm not supposed to carry stuff or lift things with my arm directly out from my body - for example, lifting groceries over the rail and into the trolley at the supermarket. I think that's what's flared it up this time.

Washing the car and cleaning the mirrors and windows and shower makes me cry sometimes. It HURTS.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

The F111 is one of my favorite aircraft, they too are getting crook shoulders. It is a pity what we are replacing them with something less than they. I think the americans retain a few, some what upgraded for "special" duties, if needed. From experience they are almost impossible to spot visually,even when told where they are.