Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More idiocy (heard on the news)

An RSL member, a veteran, and a helper, have been looking after the Cotton Tree Park Cenotaph, making sure that the grass is mowed and raked, and the gardens are watered and all is kept neat and tidy. The Local Government Council decided that these two blokes weren't OH&S trained and so they shouldn't be doing the work. (Hey, I don't see the council intervening when we mow our "nature strip", which we don't own, but we must maintain!!!)
The Daily reported on its front page this morning how the pair spent each Tuesday morning tidying up the Cotton Tree Park Cenotaph, lest the council forget.

Yesterday, though, Prickles and his sidekick ran into strife when Sunshine Coast council workers confronted them, saying they were not permitted to clean up the Cenotaph site.

Prickles, who is 81 and served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 23 years, said he started tidying the Cenotaph a year ago. Michael saw Prickles at work and decided to lend a hand.
and then
UPDATE: THE Sunshine Coast council has “unreservedly” apologised to Neal “Prickles” Longden and his sidekick Michael Powell, after the helpful pair were told by council staff they could not do maintenance work around the Cotton Tree Cenotaph.

Prickles, an 81 year old air force veteran, and his mate Mr Powell, have been voluntarily maintaining the site for a year, disappointed with the council’s maintenance regime.

More here.

Rumours are around that the Brisbane Festival Celebration which is held every year in September, may be finished because of "environmental issues". They're bloody fireworks and it's once a year.

I don't know what's going to replace this now that the F111 looks to be retired... I hear the FA-18s flying around tonight!

Morons just want to suck all the joy out of life!


Anonymous said...

"nature strip", which we don't own, but we must maintain!!!)

Stricktly speaking, no, you don't have to.

We have a corner industrial property with a 10 feet wide strip on the side, that's not used.
We kept it maintained and used to park vans on it until the council forbade it.
We stopped mowing and now the council maintenace workers cut the grass every month.

Who wins?

Peter the reluctant grasscutter!

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...


I don't think you have heard of another incident of Sunshine Coast Regional Council control freakery:

Soon followed by the backdown after adverse publicity:

They claimed that: “In this case, the officer gave advice to Raw Energy that it would be better compliance with the law if staff wore shirts because it would minimise the chance of skin making contact with food."

"Gave advice"!!!!!

That is what they call making threats to fine and close places down.

Boy on a bike said...

First point - I have to mow our grass each week, or it turns into a jungle. Council are doing it every 3 weeks (weather permitting). No wonder Prickles decided it would look better if it was done more regularly.

Second point - we are the government (as in "we the people"). That is especially so with local government. There should be no separation between "councils" and the people they supposedly exist to serve. Jumped up little Hitler's who are sucking on the public tit need to be told where to get off.

Third point - this reminds me, gotta go mow my verge.