Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not a pretty sight

Imagine, sitting eating lunch in a restaurant outside a shopping centre, watching the world go by...

The sight (or should that be fright?), is dressed all in black. Black t-shirt to just below the navel. Saggy beer belly pushing out... waistband is under the belly, the belly is hanging out over the waistband and below the level of the t-shirt... Gross.

And this was a young woman.

I think I prefer muffin tops (I know I'm going to regret saying that).

Don't these people have mirrors?


Anonymous said...

Don't these people have mirrors?
Mirrors yes, critical self assessment NO!

I have quite a few female friends and relatives who are on the chubby side.
You would never see them in Lycra or any tight fitting garment.
Know what suits your body shape and push it to the limit.

But we are talking here of Bogans!


bingbing said...

A mate who hails from Nebraska had a similar horror story once. After a couple of years in Korea he went home for a visit only to go to the bar and see huge women with a big plate of nachos in front of them.