Monday, April 5, 2010

RSLs forced to remove display weapons until licenses provided...

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

The complaining pacifist should be sent for forceful education in history.


Steve at the Pub said...

Thank you John Howard, may your soul rot in hell!

Anonymous said...

As a conservative in the true sense I hate say this.

I disliked the little jerk for many reasons, but his knee jerk reaction to ban guns, was one that broke the camel's back.

He is one PM that did many good things unintentionally.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't quite go that far, Steve, but it is one of the things JWH did that I strongly disagree with.

An armed citizenry sure does make governments and criminals (when you can differentiate between the two) think twice about going just that one step too far.

As to the woman who caused this whole mess in Queensland, I note that she does not want to be identified. Surprise! She knows that the majority does not agree with her and that she is, unnecessarily, upsetting the harmless status quo. She claims that she has done this because her grandfather was a WW1 vet and she THINKS he might not approve of the displays. Bulltish!
This has nothing to do with pacifism or her grandfather. She just wants to make her mark, somehow, for nothing more than to, in her own mind, justify her miserable existence, and bugger everybody else. Dipstick!


1735099 said...

This is a non-story. Displaying weapons without documents certifying that they are "inoperable" is an offence and always has been. The Cooktown RSL need to get their paperwork in order. Once they do that, the display can be reinstated. The police were simply doing their job.
No doubt it sold a few copies of the Cairns Post. It's a rag of a paper anyway.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I tend to agree with numbers on this. The RSL i belong to (in Vic) had their display weapons done about 7 or 8 years ago and the changes to legislation were widely distributed by Anzac house. The eight rifles on display took about 3 hours to be made sucure and the local plods took about 10 minutes to get the paperwork in order.

Although the circumstances surounding the Cooktown incident border on the pathetic.

Richard Sharpe said...

I think numbers is missing some of the "nuance" of this story. Yes, the RSL needs to get their sh1t together and do their paperwork. I'm sure the lads at the 51st Bn will help them to ensure the display weapons meet the criteria for being innocuous.

The issue came to light because of the vociferous objections of a “pacifist” who complained about “killing machines” on display. There’s no way she could have known that the RSL had been lax in their paperwork, she just objected to their presence in the first place. The subsequent seizure of the weapons by the CIVPOL is just the machinations of the bureaucracy, and can be resolved in due course.
Unfortunately, Ms Anonymous’ belief that the tools used by the men who secured her freedom to make an arse of herself are “killing machines” and not worthy of public display, is not something that can be fixed by an armourer and the appropriate filling out of forms.

Numbers is almost right. This would have been a non-story, had the wallopers quietly spoken to the RSL, removed the weapons to an appropriate armoury until the legalities had been resolved, and then just as quietly put them back. What made it a story was one woman’s shrill attempt to impose her belief system on others. That tends to be the sort of thing the RSL gets belligerent about.