Monday, May 24, 2010

I won, I won, I won!


Today the RSL (hereafter referred to as the rissole - for my US readers that's the Returned Services League or local Veterans' Club), had a lunch gathering. I left work early for lunch and attended the rissole do. There are some things going on connected with Ocean, Sky & Khaki because the local RSL is working with one of the local supermarkets (IGA) to be a collection point for goods to send in care packages to our troops serving overseas.

Anyhoo, it was a free BBQ lunch. Steak, snags (sausages), steakettes ("meat" somehow salted and spiced and not too chewy), some different salads, potato bake, jacket spuds cooked int their jackets with garlic and butter, mmmmm. Then there was dessert. Baked custard, fruit salad, and a yummy no-grog trifle (I've only recently - in the last 14 years - discovered I quite like trifle!).

Okay, back to the story. There was a raffle, $5 for three tickets. I bought 3 tickets. They drew the raffle, and my tickets were in my wallet. I grabbed the tickets, slowly as I never win anything, because noone came forward. My red 28 was the winner! Hurrah! I won a $30 voucher for the local butcher. That's gonna be handy.

There's a $20M lotto draw on Tuesday, but I think I may have used up my luck today. *sigh*

PS: I left my yoghurt on the bench this morning. Good thing I was well fed at lunchtime.


Anonymous said...


"$20M lotto draw on Tuesday"

Way, way back when Australia as a potential domicile wasn't even a dream of mine, I with a group of friends formed a syndicate to play Lotto.

We have been playing the same numbers for more years than I care to remember and so far absolutely nothing!

I can tell you, if we had put that money in a bank at 5% interest we all could have had a nice cruise around the world
on the best ship, and in style.

I'm still sending money to cover my share though, can't give up now after all these years.

Luck is by definition fickle, In your place I would spend a couple of bucks on that 20 Mill draw just in case.

Must say, I'm not half bad at punting on the gallops, most of my income is coming from there these days, as I am slowly withdrawing from the business.


kae said...

Hi Lou

Yeah, I only buy on impulse, be lucky if I bought ten tickets in lotto in a year.

Nanna V-for-Vamp, Dad's Mum, had a real talent with the nags.

I think I might be able to mimic her successes... but I can't be bothered.

And poker machines are less interesting than watching grass grow.

1735099 said...

I was working in Charleville last week and went to the RSL for dinner on two nights. I can strongly recommend it for a great meal at reasonable prices.
They also have some great displays, including the airscrew of a 35 Squadron Caribou and one devoted to Len Waters (aboriginal fighter pilot and boxer) who flew Kittyhawks in New Guinea in WW2.

Merilyn said...

Well done kae, good for you!
Do you know it costs nearly $30 for a leg of lamb these days?

Anonymous said...

I used to correspond (by email and for awhile by chat) with a man who was a member of the Rooty Hill RSL. I still have the keychain he sent me. We 'met' online in 2000, due to a typo in an address I sent things to. Struck up a bit of a friendship. He was OLD, and in my travels back and forth between here and Maryland in 2004, I lost track of him. In fact, I started reading Tim Blair's blog because Bill was Australian. My friend Debi sent me a link one day, and I thought it would help me get to know Bill better.

He was a Scot. And married. That's about all I remember.

Thanks for the memory, Kae...ain't the internet GRAND!

kae said...

Here you go, kc...

FrederickI_Ferre馨儀 said...
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