Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Floyd, again - yes I'm not kidding

Today I physio'd. Still sore. Left work at 4pm to pick up my beefy loot. Six t-bone steaks (I had to add $6:85 to the prize, it doesn't go far these days.

I arrived home at about 4:40 and.... no Floyd.

Okay. He's not at the back door. The rope with the dogclip is on the ground near his bed... The dogclip I put onto his rope was taken off an old rope, and I suspect now I think about it, I should have tossed it out as it was faulty, he's escaped from that one before.

I called and whistled and he came lolloping up the yard (mind you, the grass is still pretty high, even though it's dying down and falling over, and I do worry about ticks). Meggie's in her yard (he seems to be able to jump OUT of fences, but not IN!

At lest he isn't wet, I thought. There was supposed to be a thunderstorm thisafternoon, and it's been spitting a bit today.

We said our hellos and I replaced the dogclip on the rope - there was a spare from a lead that Bundy chewed when he was a puppy.

Eventually I went down to talk to the pair of them (Floyd and Meg), and they were tearing around the dogyard, Meg on the inside and Floyd on the outisde. Then it was time to entice Floyd back up so I could catch him.

As he raced past me while I was out the back I caught a whiff of something not good. Not good at all. He tore up the slope near the side of the shed. I smelt it strongly there. Phe-ewww! Something's dead there for sure. But I couldn't see it. Smelt like rat (like the last one I binned which was in about the same place).

Then I realised that it was Floyd who stunk. Ick. He must have rolled in something or he's been chewing his stinky marrow bone from last week. Phe-ewwww!

You know that "dead thing" smell that won't go away (and won't wash off)? I am just hoping that it's not a rat or mouse from the ceiling... but the ratkiller expert at work said that if you don't use too much poison you won't kill your pets, but you will kill the rodents.

Anyway, where Floyd touched me and where I touched him, I stink. Two lots of soap and water to get it off. Don't feel quite so enthusiastic about my steak tonight now.

I want my shoulder to stop hurting. Oh, and I forgot to buy that lotto ticket.


Merilyn said...

T-Bone steaks yummmmmm! Enjoy!
Hello Floyd, who's a good boy then?

prairiecat55kc said...

Well...those steaks sure would go well with my garden-fresh tomato & cucumber salad!

cav said...

Things must be bad in blogger land Kae.

We've both gone to the dogs.

Nothing else to write about I guess...

kae said...

Hi Merilyn 7 kc
The steak was great, coulda cut it with a butter knife.
I had it with steam fresh sugar-snap peas, beans and broccoli and some lovely local pumpkin. I'm going to make soup out of the rest of the pumpkin.

I always write about Floyd (I have no adventures to blog about).
And looking at the state of the nation, it's really too much of a muchness to keep writing about it all...

WV: arscloge
Oh, I've had that. I recommend metamucil.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Floyd the wonder dog - the gift that never stops giving.

Well done that pooch :)

kae said...

He doesn't need any encouragement from you!

Merilyn said...

Hey cav, I love hearing stories of dogs, and love hearing how Floyd is comming along, like hearing about Meg to, let's face it the way the world is starting to go mad at the moment it is a joy to be able to laugh about the "adventures of Floyd", and how he is leading Kae, at times a merry dance.