Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photos from thismorning. Red-tailed black cockatoos

Caught these chaps in a low tree at the end of the street thismorning.

They are hard to catch when near my place because my trees are too high and it's hard to see them.

Magnificent birds. More info here. Google red-tailed black cockatoo for more images.


SezaGeoff said...

You have forgotten the most important information - are they tasty? Surely Floyd would have latched on to one by now.

wv: pedlyb - one for Boy on a Bike

kae said...

Ha. Floyd might be smart, but he's slow physically. Floyd would never catch a bird. He's not as trigger sharp as Meg, who is as dumb as a box of rocks. But Meg can catch birds easy peasy. She can catch biscuits dropped near her nose.

Ordinary photos, can't really see the red.

I thought they were crows at first.

Merilyn said...

They are so graceful when they are flying yet on the ground they tend to waddle. Love that beautiful blue sky.

kae said...

I did a post the other night and uploaded about 10 pictures (a painfully slow thing to do), which I'd taken that day, and talked about it, and also mentioned that I have quite a few pictures in the camera which I haven't posted and I must....
I was so cranky, and I had to go to bed, so they didn't get posted. I lost ALL the post... it wasn't saved. Grrr!
Maybe tomorrow night?