Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Backlash bullshit

This takes the cake...
LIZ HAYES: The French were the first to draw a line in the sand. Six years ago they banned women and girls from wearing headscarves in public-funded schools and government offices. Now there is a proposal to ban the burqa, the full-length veil that covers all but a woman's eyes, and prevent her from wearing it in public places. For a country that is now home to 5 to 6 million Muslims, this latest plan sends a very clear message - it's the French way or the highway. This is a nation that has consistently grappled with a clash of cultures, simmering tensions between Muslims and French authorities that have often boiled over into violence. Now banning the burqa is seen by Muslims as just another provocation.

NOOR ALI: They're playing a game. They don't realise how dangerous it is.

LIZ HAYES: And how dangerous is it? Oh yes, let's compare

NOOR ALI: It's dangerous because we know that Europe has a very sad history with what they did to the Jewish people when they started to discriminate against them. They're repeating history. They don't see what they're going to do.
And then we have a taste of what's being taught, indoctrinated, instilled into followers of the religion of peace (MFA):

LIZ HAYES: Do you believe you're a superior being?

ANJEM CHOUDARY: A Muslim will always be superior to a non-Muslim, absolutely.

LIZ HAYES: You are a better person than me?

ANJEM CHOUDARY: In terms the eyes of God, that would certainly be the case, yes. My dear Muslims, we live in the time of fitna...

LIZ HAYES: At 43, Anjem Choudary spends much of his time conducting his version of a sharia court and preaching to young Muslim men his views on anything from women to Americans and their pets.

ANJEM CHOUDARY: You can see, my dear Muslims, that in America, in at least 28 states, you can even get married to an animal. Bestiality is halal as long as you have relationship in your own home. This is the downfall of Western civilisation.

LIZ HAYES: You told a recent court that in 28 states in America you can get married to an animal.

ANJEM CHOUDARY: Bestiality. I mean, I did my research - that is true.

LIZ HAYES: That is an absolute lie.

ANJEM CHOUDARY: Find out, research it yourself.

LIZ HAYES: You cannot marry an animal.

ANJEM CHOUDARY: You can. It's true, it's true. Bestiality is completely legal in America.

LIZ HAYES: You are shameful. That is a lie.

ANJEM CHOUDARY: It's true. That is true. Do your research. You will see. That is the fruit of Western civilisation.

LIZ HAYES: You tell young, impressionable people lies.

ANJEM CHOUDARY: No, the reality is very difficult to swallow sometimes. In Britain, for example...

LIZ HAYES: No, it's hard for you to swallow.

LIZ HAYES: Such extremist nonsense is only feeding the worldwide anti-Muslim backlash and opening the way for politicians like Fred Nile to pursue a burqa ban.
Then they attack Fred Nile.

Choudary is painted as a lone fundamentalist, a lone fanatic... but he's not. What he says is the teaching of their book of death, any follower who does not abide by these teachings, all of them, is not a good follower.

Good followers of the religion of peace (MFA)

Backlash? It's all bullshit. Read the whole thing, it's the poor old religion of peace (MFA) being demonised and punished because noone loves them. It's political, it's everything but what it is.

It's no wonder that I don't bother to blog about things like this, because it's all the same old same old, it's all bullshit. Noone seems to look at the facts.

Read this interview with Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels from February 2009 (already posted, but can't be posted enough) to see why integration won't work. Too many people are totally unaware of the difference between a normal person brought up in the west and someone totally psychologically different, totally brainwashed and damaged, brought up in this "religion".

Glossary: MFA = my fat arse


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kae, I can't bear to read it, and I'm going to do something unusual - I'm going to comment based only on the excerpts you've provided and previous "experience" and knowledge. Hey, I roll dangerous sometimes!

My observation is this - Rodney King was an delusional. While the ideal may be 'we all get along,' the fact is that peace only exists when BOTH sides want peace. The religion of peace has NO intention of that kind of peace. They want the peace that comes with Ruling The World and everyone in it.

Anti-muslim backlash is, in most instances I've seen, not backlash but an attempt at DEFENSE, usually after the fact. Proactive DEFENSE would work better, but the blind butts running things refuse to see the Truth or hear the Truth - not even that spoken by the jihadists themselves!

I think my heart rate's gone up some, Kae, thanks! 8-)

Anonymous said...


kc, it's not the "blind butts running things" as you put it, who are totally at fault.

It's the Christian teaching that's the root of all this "present the other cheek" attitude.

The west goes out of its way to try to accommodate all others, while as you said, the muslims have a different agenda altogether.

I'm nearly sure that in the end, when shove comes to push, ordinary people will revolt, and it will be very nasty.

It would have been a lot easier to stem the tide while it was time to do, but the UN and its fellow travellers have different ideas.


1735099 said...

Back in the seventies, as part of a rehabilitation course after my service in Vietnam, I studied Islam at U of Q. Back then, it was characterised as the religion of peace, and the hard-line Jihadist version of Islam was non-existent.
What has changed in the nearly forty years since is the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, quite possibly as a reaction to both continued conflict in the Middle East, and poverty and degradation in many Muslim countries.
Vilifying the religion is not the answer. In fact, it simply hardens attitudes on both sides and increases conflict. The fact that this vilification is driven by fear and ignorance makes it even more dangerous.

stackja1945 said...

A lack of democracy in the Mid East is the problem. But the "elite" want the corruption money, like "poor" Arafat.