Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The younger dryas a result of man made global warming


The younger dryas 12,800 years ago was the first demonstration of AGW.

I heard this on the radio thisafternoon. Bernie Hobbs, the science reporter for the ABC was waffling on about it with Richard Fidler.

Here's some of her work "debunking" The Great Global Warming Swindle...


1735099 said...

I was banned from Bolt's blog because I pointed out that the graphs he was using actually pointed out the opposite of what he was saying -
See -
(Be patient and read past all the abuse).
At least in "The Great Global Warming Swindle" thay used graphs that backed up their argument and simply avoided data that didn't.

Mehaul said...

Kae, I don't understand the heading. Are you saying Ms Hobbs is talking waffle as the younger dryas contradicts what she's saying?

kae said...

Bernie Hobbs was waffling, and laughing and carrying on about the younger dryas being the first episode of MMGW... I'm not sure that she was joking.
The noise is changing now. The AGW people are currently saying that there were warmer (and colder) periods than "this current episode of human-induced climate change". Seems that they realise that they can't hide things like the MWP etc. any more.
The host was asking about how they knew that the temperature was warmer or colder in the past and Hobbs explained the ice core gas samples and other indicators.

I wish I could find a link. I couldn't listen to all the program. It was just a segment on the program where Hobbs speaks with Fidler about science and scientific "things" on a weekly basis.

Wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Hi Kae.
I read allot years ago about the ancient civilizations ie sumer etc. That they failed because of drought has been known for a long time. That it was caused by a cooling period,is interesting. The AGW crowd tell us huge droughts are caused by global warming. This seems arse foremost. I was looking forward to a few degrees of warming, to help propel all humanity into prosperity. The long term for warming as we speak seems remote, as we are on the wrong side of an interglacial, and, a 10C drop in ten years Is more possible than any warming. Runaway warming is impossible, really bad cooling is. Cheers