Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jessica Watson - live stream from NineMSN

Live Stream from NineMSN

Jessica comes home.


PM Rudd's speech - I think I'm going to puke. Jessica is "Australia's newest hero".


Jessica is a champion, a role model for those teenagers with big dreams.

She is not a hero.

Update II:

KK, Premier of NSW, speech was well done, no recycling, no spinning, it was about Jessica's achievement and what a wonderful achievement it is!

Update III:

She disagreed with the Prime Minister - she said she is not a hero.

Hurrah! I like that girl!


Merilyn said...

Agree kae, have been watching it off and on, the girl lived her dream so well done Jessica.
[Who invited Rudd?]

Skeeter said...

Jessica is a marvel and a credit to her family and her generation. Let's hope that more of today's teenagers are motivated to aim a bit higher from now on.

Very pretty television today, but the plot was a bit thin when stretched out over all those hours.
The commentary brought to mind royal visits in the early days of television, with the announcers trying desperately to think of something to say about the Queen's dress that they hadn't already said.
The TV programmers obviously thought that Jessica would turn up at the Heads at the exact moment that they had arranged for her arrival. They are apparently unaware of the vagaries of voyaging under sail.

kae said...

Good on her!

I quite liked it when she disagreed with Kevin and took him to task saying that she isn't a hero.

Wand said...

Skeeter - I agree - but those announcers were no different from the senseless similar prattle from sports commentators. I joked that they would ask Jessica for a few opinions about such topical items as the economy, the budget, politics and so on, but alas it did not happen.

And Kae I particularly liked her disagreement with Rudd who said she was a hero (Actually if anything the word he used should have been heroine).

She is a great credit to herself and to the human spirit that is in all of us.

[Merilyn - Rudd most likely invited himself because he lives across the other side of the harbour - Kirribilli house - right where he said he was not going to live - but what's with the odd broken promise].

kae said...

Wand & Skeeter
I believe the waffle is called "fill", and it was very much the same as what goes on when it rains in the cricket...
Or when a motor race is stopped for some reason (clearing the track)...

And it's annoying.

But I suppose they can't have "no talking" TV. They weren't prepared for the arrival to be delayed so didn't prepare any sort of fill.

They went on, and on, and on about nothing, searching for superlatives...
and they failed.

It was nice to see a 16 year old correct the king of spin (it wasn't my imagination, he was spinning and clicheing with his speech to welcome Jessica?).

Skeeter said...

There were a couple of periods today where the talking heads briefly stopped talking. When this happened, it was a delight to watch the pretty pictures without distraction and annoyance.
I have developed the habit of hitting the mute button whenever the audio annoys me. I find this leads to inner calmness and serenity.

Jessica's correction of Mr Rudd was the highlight of the day.
It was a well-crafted response and apparently off-the-cuff, but she did it with such well-mannered style and maturity.
I think she might be one of our mob.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I missed the young lady arriving home.

The only question i need to ask is why, does the kevin 747, have to make any public event all about him & not the person who has achieved something.

Skeeter said...

CJ, I suppose he thinks the glamour is transferable and it makes him look good.
Of course that's not how it works.
The more attractive the people around him, the greater the contrast.