Monday, May 17, 2010

Talking Heads

Glen Shorrock was on tonight.

It was a great, memory jogging program.

Glen Shorrock was interesting, too.

I can't believe he's in his 60s!

(I can't beleive I'm in my 50s!)

A little trip back in time - amazing the LRB hits that I know, but I suppose that's because they were from my teenage years...

Glen Shorrock tour... July 2010

Glen Shorrock & Friends - Understand (embedding disabled)


Skeeter said...

For an entertainer, he came across as being remarkably uncomplicated.

(I can't beleive I'm in my 50s!)

I can't believe my 70s are nearly finished.
(It's a bugger getting old, but one should always consider the alternative before complaining about it.)

Merilyn said...

"I can't believe I'm in my 50's", don't worry kae it gets better in your 60's! [63 here].

bruce said...

I invite you all to join in the Midoztouch forum where you can hear about discuss and access old Aus music. I've been on there for years, since I discovered its predecessor midastouch when listening to all the old songs helped me endure 6 months of chronic pain. Either they tell you where you can buy re-released cds of the old songs or you can directly download them if they are unavailable.

There are 3 old Brian Cadd albums there for example.

Minicapt said...

Try to feel younger: