Monday, May 10, 2010

Open Day? Fun with science

I've been volunteered to organise open day (only in my school, and there's only so much I can do).

One year they had this type of thing in the Physics tent...

I don't think I can top it!


Anonymous said...

The Mythbusters did that "trick" when they tried to find the way to walk on water like the Ninja supposed to have done.

From memory it involves some sort of starch, lots of it, dissolved in water almost like jelly.

If you move across fast, the surface tension won't let you sink in but if you linger, then you do sink.


kae said...

Cornstarch and water, mixed in a cement mixer. It's very effective.

Mixing up cornflour to use as a thickener in sauces etc, you notice it's funny properties... but eventually the cornflour separates out and becomes glug at the bottom of the measuring cup.