Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fire saga II, stacking wood & flu shots

One of these days I'll have an early night and I'll be able to get up and do what I promise to do before I go to work...

Yeah, sure. And pigs'll fly.

Anyhoo, for about the past three work days I thought as rain was forecast that I should stack the wood under cover. I'll get up early and do it, thought I. But the rain didn't come when it was forecast so I didn't worry too much about it.

Today there was a thunderstorm.

Tonight I nearly killed myself stacking some wood under the carport. Shoulders and hands are now hurting like hell. It's gripping things that hurts, probably arthuritis*.

I also had my flu shot today. That isn't helping, either.

*that's a joke, Joyce.


Merilyn said...

It might pay to really start to get the woolies out, it is freezing here in S.A. Had the heater on for the first time today.
How's the arm, after the flu shot?

kae said...

They're bleating in Bris that it's only 10 degrees (lowest daily temp).

Sooks should move out here, it's already been 4 where I live in the AM... all the leaves are burnt on the frangipani and dropping off like Kevin Rudd's popularity.

Shoulder's OK from the shot, but sore from previous injury and doing desk work is aggravating it. The physio fitted me in today, and made me yelp... the girls on the front desk LAUGHED!

Nobody cares... *sigh*

Merilyn said...


kae said...

Goodness, Merilyn, did you hear me from there, too?

Merilyn said...

Yep, the sound just took a little longer to travel!