Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby Sunderland has been found!

More to come...

News is scrolling at this link.

She won't be reached until tomorrow. The boat is upright and she is fine. This via radio...

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Kaboom said...

Because Kaboom is such a bastard, who absolutely hates these self-aggrandising children being forced to risk teir very lives by their overbearing parents, I suspect that Dad or Mum scuppered little Abby's ill-prepared dream of beating that other stupid child's not-quite-around-the-world-according-to-Hoyles fantasy.

At least with this scuppering, there was a blind panic to "find Abby", then the relief that she was "found" (the user-activated EPIRB sends precise GPS location), and the consequent media storm will be worth as much to little Abby's guardians as it clearly was to little Jessica's guardians.

Hey, sending your child into mortal danger is much easier than winning Gold Lotto, isn't it?