Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Front Line - people smugglers

60 Minutes expose of what the military do in the illegal immigrant saga.

Have a read - I'm not sure, watching it on video, whether the "desperation" of the people is to excuse their behaviour and their foolish, dangerous attempts to get to Australia, "land of milk and welfare". As long as the Australian Government welcomes these people and processes their applications quickly they'll continue to arrive at an increasing rate.

Some people say that there aren't many of them. Well, they cost a fortune for the Australian Governmnet to process, and therefore the Australian taxpayers are supporting them - what about Australians who need support?

Some people say that they are desperate. That doesn't excuse that they have arrived here without papers, illegally destroying their identification, illegally attempting to enter Australia - they have no visa.

Read the transcript or watch the video.

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