Sunday, June 20, 2010

Country hospital criticised by Queensland Coroner

This is a local hospital to me, I have had to take myself there for treatment when I've been suffering from SVT.

I have no complaints about the hospital or my treatment in the hospital.

Reading the report in the local paper I was surprised that the coroner found fault with the hospital. Mental health patients and drug overdose patients (and many of the mental health patients do suffer from drug abuse issues due to, or because of, their mental illness), have nowhere to go. The hospital can not assist patients who leave the hospital, no matter how ill they are, the same as Ambulance officers cannot take anyone to hospital if they refuse to go to hospital. To have someone sectioned they need to be held by police (the only people permitted to hold anyone against their will), and they need to have a GP and a JP, or magistrate, to certify that they are a danger to themselves or others.

More here.

Coroner's Inquest Findings here. I don't agree with this particular finding.
"Bradley went to the Gatton Hospital on three occasions in the early morning
before his death. He was treated for dehydration on the first occasion, but self
discharged himself. He returned twice, reporting that he had taken pills.
I find that the inaction of the staff at the Gatton Hospital, and in particular Nurse Lorenzen, when Bradley re-attended contributed to his death."


Boy on a bike said...

I like how the bloke that shopped around for pills, took an overdose and then choofed off from the hospital bears no blame.

FFS. People are responsible for their own actions.

If he was so mental that he was not responsible for his own actions, he should have been locked up in an institution - not left to wander around harvesting and scoffing pills.

Merilyn said...

Yep you are right Kae.
Mental "clients", as the powers that be call them now days, are not retained if they say they don't wish to be, and that is where the system is falling down, and by the way the lack of money flowing down for their care is also a very big problem.
BOAB is on the ball too.
Second daughter, had a major breakdown after a very bad car accident [she was in the right] that changed her whole life and since 2000 has had to struggle, but is now slowly on the road back, so have seen a lot of what goes on, and it is vey sad to see it.

kae said...

Merilyn, I hope your daughter makes a full recovery - some people don't recover from trauma. I'd hate to be one of them or someone who loves and cares for them because you are all very much alone, and it's not the GPs and hospitals fault, there's not anywhere for people who are mentally ill to go to receive care.

Makes me steamed. He'd tried to kill himself several times before he succeeded.
He left the hospital a couple of times on the night he died. Cry for help my arse, he was mentally unstable and there's no place in our emergency health system (particularly in small country towns) for someone who needs that kind of help.
I know the doctor and the nurse and they've been great to me when I've been in that hospital.

I want to write a letter of support to the hospital... but I'm not sure where to start!!

Merilyn said...

Kae, second daughter is now in two mental health bands [they have even had some gigs so her hard work is paying off, hard work as in getting back to being in reasonable good health, although she still has a lot of pain].
Write your letter of support to the hospital as they will be very glad of it. Feel the coroner should have looked more carefully at just what mental health does to some people. They simply don't react normally,if you get my drift.