Sunday, June 20, 2010


Australia's Got Talent. I usually avoid these programs, but managed to watch most of this one from the early auditions.

The grand final was well done. The entertainment included Brianna who entertained and amused us with her popularity, put together with clips from the show. It was very well done.

Then all the dancers on the program got together in a dancing extravaganza. They were brilliant. It all came together very well.

Finally, after much annoying, suspenseful music the winner was announced.

I really wanted Cameron to win, he's closer in age to me and not a bad sort. He's probably not the best singer on the program, but he wrote all his own stuff and it's very good. Soppy, yes. But it's good. Anyway, Neil Diamond's not the best singer either, and look where he's gone!

So now I read that the father and son who were split to two acts on the program have been excluded from their church. What did they do wrong?

Read some here... and read some more here. And here.

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Anonymous said...

I've never voted on any of those things before but I voted for Cameron six times for the grand final.

Australia's GotTalent is an understatement. So many of the acts were world class.