Saturday, June 19, 2010

State of Origin

My friend tells me I should be able to pick up a cheap blue jersey now.



Carpe Jugulum said...

It was party time for Mother & Pater Jugulum in Bundaberg when the mighty Toadwarriors scored another fine win.

Kae don't think of it as picking up a cheap blue jersy, think of it as picking up a mildly overpriced dishcloth. :)

Minicapt said...

Go for a Holstein, better milk production.
... also, jerseys are reddish-brown, not blue.


Merilyn said...

It is simply not true, that I was pumping the air and dancing on the spot because Queensland won.
Ahh, who am I kidding of course it is true!
Never mind Kae, NSW will win another day.

prairiecat55kc said...

Partial to polled Herefords myself, as that's what my cousins raise.

kae said...

An ex I was talking with until about two and a half years ago has beef cattle out west of the ranges.
He had herefords, his preference was for the cows to have horns and the bulls and steers to not have horns so he removed them himself... he bred them with a few different types for beef and finally (a few years ago), introduced charolais (spelling?). When he sold them, during a drought, he made HEAPS of money on them. The agent was stunned, he got best money per head at the sales.
The agent previously told him he was nuts to do that cross...

kae said...

Sure, sure.
I'm sure the smoke I smelled was your pants on fire!

Pfft. Blue jerseys... ha ha ha. They are pretty cows, though.

禎峰 said...
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