Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mum's back!

She arrived home today. She forgot that when she left Alaska on July oops, that should be June 9 it would take three days to travel back to Sydney! (Including the day lost crossing the IDL.)

In Juneau she saw the Sarah Palin shop - and she didn't buy anything! Arrgh! The media has managed to convince her that Palin is stupid. I might have to send her a few links... and encourage her not to believe what the most of the MSM says as they are all tilted so far to the left that they're liable to fall over.

She said Alaska was amazing.

So, there you go!


esthermelvin said...
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Merilyn said...

Welcome back Kae's Mum, hope you enjoyed your trip! Way to go to keep young!!!!

Anonymous said...

July 9? Welcome home, Kae's mum, whatever month it is.


kae said...

Thanks Sandi, didn't realise I'd typed July instead of June.
Fixed now.