Sunday, June 27, 2010

Six degrees of separation?

There's a TV program on now about the murder of Kim Barry. (I think the cricket's not on because that's what's programmed.)

I was chatting about my brushes with criminals at work one day years ago and he said that he and some mates were camping at a mate's parent's shack near Wolbloodylongong* and a bloke wandered over to their camp. He seemed strange, had nothing with him, and I think he asked for food. I think they shared some food with him.

Only later they discoverd it was Potter, the murderer.

Mr S has pointed out my error. Place names can be a bit tricky. I had family there for several years. They moved. I didn't have to remember how to spell Wool, ah, Wolon, er, that place name.
Thanks Albury! (smileyface thingy here)


Pedro the Ignorant said...

Six degrees all right.
I shared a couple of cans of beer with Joseph Schwab, the 1987 Kimberley killer about a week before he went on a murder spree.

I was camped at a roadside site near Derby, WA, and just happened to be cleaning my shotgun when Schwab rolled up late in the afternoon.

I still believe I would have been one of his victims had I not been visibly armed.

Albury Shifton said...

A mate of mine once dated Kim Barry. Needless to say, he was less than impressed by the "Kim Barry Jokes" doing the rounds at the time.

BTW: Woll..., not "Wool..."

cav said...

How about 'The Gong' you red headed so and so...