Sunday, June 27, 2010

Greens Policy - pray they never get in


Animal Welfare:
No. 4 is interesting. Judging by these people's treatment of non native animals in their care I'd suggest this is another "noble savage" argument.
No. 41 is far-reaching: 41.The worldwide abolition of all blood sports and other cruel use of animals for sport, recreation or entertainment, such as steeple-chasing, dog-fighting, cock-fighting, bear baiting, bull-fighting and other practices involving killing and/or torture of animals.
No. 52 - will they volunteer?

Waste Disposal, particularly No. 57 caught my eye, Hazardous Waste. Unfortunately there are a lot of things classed as hazardous waste and they are essential to our daily lives, and to assist long life... think radioactive isotopes, chemotherapy chemicals and a whole lot of other things. One of the "Save the Planet" adverts promoted on TV here tells us, sternly, that we should recycle our mobile phones as they have dangerous substances in them like arsenic, and heaven forfend that should find its way into the earth... Where do they think arsenic comes from?

Children and young people:
3. Consulting with children and young people is essential to ascertaining what is in their best interests;

4. should be encouraged to constructively question and challenge existing ideology, recognising that children and young people can influence the future and provide positive change;

5. A sustainable economic system will be improved by the promotion of youth participation in social, environmental and political aspects of the community and government;
and this

82. Lobby to ensure the voting age is reduced to 16 years of age but is not compulsory until 18*;

Find more of these amazing juvenile, unfunded and over-the-top policies here.

Some policies seem good, but they're the ones which to me seem like common sense. I wouldn't mind a four day working week, but I doubt that will be good for the economy, especially when we'll have to pay much more tax to fund the free education we'll be providing for everyone.

Here's the summary of the policies, they're crazy! Look at this one:

Coal Policy Summary

No new mines: save jobs & climate

As coal mining has become increasingly mechanised and capital intensive, the number of jobs has massively declined. Coal mining now accounts for less than 3% of all employment in the Hunter Valley. This stands in stark contrast to the enormous employment potential of renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transport.

Coal mined in NSW is a significant contributor to dangerous climate change. The burning of coal accounts for approximately 30% of Australia’s emissions. Export coal adds more than 600 million tonnes of CO2 per year, more than all the greenhouse gases released within Australia.

Coal mining also results in irreparable damage to the areas around mines, including:

  • destroying the social and economic viability of communities, and limiting other wealth and employment generating activities, such as farming and tourism; and
  • damaging ecosystems rivers and the geological integrity of landscapes while consuming massive amounts of fresh water.

Government levies charged on coal do not make a substantial net contribution to tax revenue because the industry receives massive subsidies.

The Greens NSW are committed to phasing out the coal industry and a fair transition to a jobsrich, clean energy economy.

The Greens will work to:

  • stop the development of new coal mines and the expansion of existing coal mines and coal handling infrastructure. The Greens do not support the closure of existing mines;
  • improve the mine development assessment process to take full account of all social and environmental impacts;
  • transform the electricity industry to renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • ensure that the operations of existing coal mines conform to the world’s best practices in industrial relations, occupational health and safety and environmental protection;
  • provide just transitions for communities that have traditionally derived income and jobs from coal mining operations;
  • phase out of all subsidies to coal mining and impose levies on coal mines to pay for just transitions, mine rehabilitation and Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency; and
  • expose "clean coal" and carbon capture and storage as dangerous myths that distract from the urgent task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

When will they be shutting down all their electricity-using home comforts, not to mention all the "things" they have which have been produced by the demon CO2 generating processes?

*I postulate that this is the way they will get their votes, from children who are mostly unaware of the world as an adult earning money. Would you really trust children to run the government?

Thanks to Mum who read it in the Tele (I couldn't find it in the Tele on the web).


Minicapt said...

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Patrick Carroll said...

"No. 57 caught my eye, Hazardous Waste."

The Greens themselves are hazardous waste and should be disposed of!

Merilyn said...

Until such time as the Greens go and live in caves, I won't believe a word they say.

Patrick Carroll said...

Yes, they really do define the meaning of hypocrite don't they?