Sunday, June 27, 2010

Insiders 27/06/10

ALP disintegration and the fall of a PM... Did you hear, Australia has a new, female, PM? Yeah, I know. Big whoop-de-doo, different PM same crap policies.

Should be interesting.

Tony Abbot is the guest on the program today...

Mischa Schubert, Piers Ackerman, Brian Toohey.

Wayne Swan at the G20... Oh dear, they asked Wayne what happened in the Australian government - not the bloke to ask. (arses and elbows)

Tony's on now... he's right about the lovefest for the new face... Gillard is the champion spinner (re: boat arrivals)... dog whistles about population are claimed of any statement by the opposition, however, now Gillard's talking about population control. Gillard was the advocate for no population control, and now she's for population control. Spending on BER should be suspended and a new method within the schools to decide on how best to spend the money.

Your Shout.
Oh dear. Oh wait, no, oh dear.

Discussing the chopping of Rudd. Onya, Piers, not following the pack... reply to Mischa's comment about Piers being right so often?

Hey, is Mischa pregnant? That'll learn her for sitting in Annabel Crabbe's seat! (Forgive me if she isn't!)

Gillard said she wouldn't cave to stop immigration - but now she's having a bet both ways.

Alex Downer's opinion on Rudd as Foreign Minister... not with a barge pole... interesting to see/hear/read all that Downer said.

Talking pictures... All bout Julia no-chin. Talking "the body language of Julia Gillard..." they can read her like a book. Talking about the fall of Rudd and the photographs...

I think it was the 60 Minutes interview which killed him. The fakeness and the running away pet.

Tony Abbott at the Liberal council meeting yesterday.

The ABC broke the leadership challenge and there was huge denial within the ALP ranks, and at the top of the program it was pointed out that Rudd hadn't told any of his ALP supporters that he wasn't going to stand, so at doorstop interviews they were saying they'd support Rudd and making total fools of themselves. Rudd wasn't a team player.

The transcript could be interesting for little gems from the players.

Merilyn, is this the one you meant, "Feisty at four"? There you go, thanks Merilyn!


Merilyn said...

Kae, the first thing Tony should do is to treat Julia Gillard no different from any other politician in a suit.
If women's groups think she should be treated differently because she is a woman, makes them hypocrites, because they are always saying they want to be treated as equals.
As such Julia has to answer questions on why she agreed to all Rudds policies, without any complaint.

Merilyn said...

Talk about way over the top, The Advertiser over here in S.A. has been wetting itself, we have met Julia's parents, seen school photos, met her sister and her sister's children, and today we have baby photos and photos of Julia as a 4 year old on the front page, if you can get hold of this, take a look a more "sulky", photo of a child I have yet to see!

Kaboom said...

Jayzus, Kae!

I thought that YOU of all people would be over the moon about a 'ranga female becoming Prime Minister.

Typical Conservative....

Anonymous said...

There is not much we can do about J Gillard, now that we have her as PM, but what irritates me most, is that all interviewers and even Tony Abbott lets her get away, with the habit of laughing off awkward questions.

There ought to be a law against it!


Ps. warning please when posting pictures!

Merilyn said...

Yep, that's the one!
LouMac, you are so right, just once would someone wait until she has finished her laugh, and then keep asking the same questions, and watch her reaction.
Kae, the word verification is not working properly.

Minicapt said...

Well, she did have better hair at 4.

And an honest face.