Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snippets I've heard...

Thursday 3/6/10:

Good news - a malaria breakthrough.

Israel, the blockade, and the blockade runners.

Mining tax - treasurer in trouble in Shanghai!

Friday 4/6/10:

Sick, just sick.

Ruddspeak on the super-doooper mining tax. (It's OK, it's very brief!)

Mining tax - mining towns.

Mining tax - fund managers.

Mining tax - unions.

BER - a blue in the senate!

Monday 7/6/10

Mining tax - selling the super-dooper tax.

Ruddspeak - classic dot-point method. (Didn't say much.)
Here's a sample:
KEVIN RUDD: Well, Lyndal the truth is if these polls were reflected on election day, Mr Abbott would become the prime minister. So the challenge for me and for the Government is to work harder into the future. I have got a huge amount of work to do to explain my plans as opposed to Mr Abbott's plans.

Remember what an election is - an election is about alternatives and our plan is clear on the economy, on health, on hospitals. Mr Abbott's is reasonably clear now in terms of WorkChoices, bringing back WorkChoices and cuts to education and cuts to health. An election is all about alternatives but I have a huge amount of work to do and I intend to get on with the job.
blah, blah, blah

Shot activist speaks out. (no link, I don't give a f**k)

Tuesday 8/6/10

Gene patents? Why should there be gene patents? If they're MY genes I should, surely, hold the patent? How much will this increase the cost of research, and as a flow-on, medicines?

Gene patents - the US case.

Mining tax - WA labor expresses concern.

Daylight saving in Qld - Bligh has 2/3 of Qld who want a referendum. Bligh says no. She's toast, and it's not just daylight saving, funnily enough.

UK - British PM warns that the budget will be savagely cut... well, how long has Labour been running the place into the ground?


Carpe Jugulum said...

Evening Kae

The pleas and cries from the shot activist has reduced me to tears................................... of laughter

Merilyn said...

On the BER's.......Bill Heffernan, "That is Political bullshit"........that is the best I have heard in some time when it comes to the BER, would have loved to have seen Carr's face.