Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Lateline

Her explanation of her atheism, her respect of Christianity and other religions along with her dislike of islam was very interesting.

Transcript should be here soon, the video is here already.

Note the Wikileaks story...


wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

The emancipation of the women in Islam is the only cure for its ills. They hold the key, across many Islamic countries they are getting bolder.
Some education and the access to the real world via modern communications is slowly confounding the best efforts of the thought police. Women in the west fought and won, brave women like Ayaan are not rare, the women in Islam are in a very dark place.

They have a long road to travel, the young educated now are the van of a hard battle. Disillusionment with Islam is growing, the mosques in Iran stand almost empty as the young seek a kinder future. The women in Saudi are in gentle but open defiance.
There will be pain, may be even the odd war, but this tyranny will pass as all other evil isms have.

Skeeter said...

It will probably never be known how many extra deaths will be caused by Julian Assange's traitorous supply of military secrets to the enemy.
If he had done that during my times as a serviceman, his own life would be seriously threatened.
These days, he will probably received some sort of award like the Nobel Peace Prize.