Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brisbane, beautiful one day, carbon neutral the next!

Leading the world... down the green drain.

Brisbane will continue its push to become the first carbon neutral city in Australia at a sustainability conference starting today.

The four-day seminar will bring together the best ideas from local governments nationally and overseas in a bid to make cities more sustainable places to live.
Article here.

Conference web page here http://www.healthycities.com.au/ (please cut and paste, I can't be bothered providing the link...).


Patrick Carroll said...

The Conference will examine the prerequisites for a "Healthy City"...

Perhaps if everyone left the city and lived out in the scrub, would that make it healthier?

Merilyn said...

....."local governments nationally and overseas".........let me guess "they" will be walking?.......Right?........No planes, no cars, and no trains?

Anonymous said...

They'll be bringing in the 'experts' from Vienna, Rome, Alexandria, & Bejing, right? Maybe London, Glasgow, Heidelberg, Paris...Santa Fe, Quito, Kodiak?

I'd say they qualify as 'sustainable' cities, having been in existence for CENTURIES...but I'm not an intellectual, so what do I know.

By kayak, I'm sure. 8D