Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hurrah! (ouch)

Yay! It's enormous!

Gratuitious pic of Floyd #1.

Gratuitous pic of Floyd #2.

Gratuitous pic of Floyd #3... is it me or is he poking his tongue out?


Anonymous said...

Have nice hot bath kae, I detest showers, unless to get clean.

Your pooch has a serious look on his face as to say "what now" quite unlike the previous pics. you posted.

What have you done to upset him?


Merilyn said...

Great that the hot water system has arrived Kae, enjoy!
Hey Floyd, why are you poking your tongue out at Kae,[3rd photo] or are you giving the hot water system a raspberry, because now you will have to have a warm bath????
Husband has given him the thumbs up, says he is a very good looking dog!

bruce said...

Looks exactly like my 10-year-old Vulcan. My plumber just told me they are the same, Rheem and Vulcan, just different names and prices to capture both ends of the market!

How about that?

Anyway a Rheem adds more value to your house if you ever want to sell.
All the best.

bruce said...

- I would have told you this before you bought the Rheem, but only just found out myself after we had a false alarm and after reading your Rheem post I pestered my plumber about it.

Albury Shifton said...

Big water heater; small fence.

Don't tell your dawg, but he's a Bitza...

Merilyn said...

Albury, you wouldn't be insulting Floyd's mum, now would you?
Floyd has a lot of Border Collie in him, and is very handsome, love the Tri-colours.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Albury, this is Floyd the wonder dog you're talking about........for shame.

Wand said...

I thought I'd throw this piece of trivia in here FWIW. Following on from the previous discussions about anode replacement I checked the age of the water heater that we have - it's a big 400 litre Rheem Optima which has a life guarantee of 10 years. The unit was manufactured in March 2001 and I bought it (guessing) about 6 months at most after that. I decided at the time to get the largest tank available with the longest life to cater for teenagers ... hmmm ... they're not teenagers anymore and most don't live here. Anyway I found a company that replaces anodes and had them come to inspect and replace the anode. The exercise was very simple so next time I may do it myself - total cost $170 with a follow up visit scheduled for 8 years from now! So thanks everyone for your stories - I'm happy with the preventive maintenance for mine.

And the plumber who came told me stories of people who have hot water units still in service after 40 years with regular anode replacement.

Anonymous said...

wand said,
"still in service after 40 years with regular anode replacement."

No wonder they are called "sacrificial" anodes!

A small, cheap piece of metal is sacrificed for the benefit of the unit.

Bet you the major component of the bill was the call out fee and labour!?

But as I said on the first blog about this, most people just don't bother checking.